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  1. Hi welcome to the area. Our next meeting is Wednesday 8 February at 1.30 and the following Monday 13 February at 7.30 both in the Robinhood pub. We look forward to seeing you at one of these meetings.
  2. Hi Yes we still meet at the Robinhood pub. Next week it is Wenesday afternoon from about 1.30, then the following Monday at around 7.30. We do alternate weeks.
  3. Hi! We are meeting tonight 18 January 2016 7.30 PM, next Wednesday afternoon 1.30 pm. Then alternate Mondays & Wednesday's. Jan
  4. Hi Sam! Yes we still meet at the Robinhood alternate Tuesday evenings. Our next meeting there is next Tuesday 4 February at 7.30. We have a reserved area at the back of the pub. You are most welcome to join us. Regards Jan
  5. Hi Claire Welcome to Shefffield! I myself moved here nearly two years ago, so I know what is like. Our next meeting is next Tuesday.This week we meet on Wednesady afternoon in Vanilla coffee shop, but that is mainly us "oldies" who have retired! We are a friendly lot and always welcome new people. This time of year we are usually only a small group, with so many people on holiday. If you come next Tuesday I will bring some needles and yarn for you. Might I suggest that you do something simple to start with - many of us knit for charity for the shoe box appeal and we always need scarves and hats. I have yarn for that and it would also help us. Then you can decide what you want to make and we can help you get what you need. Most of us crochet as well so you could always learn that too. Please reply to me directly as my Iphone/Ipad will not access the forum and I have to go to the laptop to reply. jan_williams3@hotmail.com Where abouts have you moved to? I live in Jordanthorpe on the edge of Norton. Looking forward to hearing from you. Regards Jan
  6. Hello I have looked on the map and I think that the nearest Knitting/crochet group to you is one at Crystal Peaks Library which is on Monday mornings. My friend Chris runs the group and she would glad to be of help if you can get there. The ladies there do both knitting and crochet. If you let me know if you think that you could get there and if you want to learn to knit or crochet I will let her know to bring some stuff for you. If you cannot get to the group, then I suggest yhat you look on You Tube on the internet that has some good video clips showing you how to knit and crochet. If this is the case then I will send you either a crochet hook or some kneedles to help you learn. Regards Jan
  7. Hi Natalie, Yes we still meet. Wednesday 19 December at Vanilla coffee shop, abbey dale rd round the corner from The Robin Hood pub at 2 pm or a Tuesday night which I think the next meeting will be Tuesday 2 January 7.30 at the Robin Hood pub. Look forward to meeting you. I gues you may be new to the area, as I was from October 2011. We are a friendly group and I have made lots of new friends. Regards Jan
  8. Hi! Yes this group still meets next week it is Wednesday at Vanilla coffee shop and the following week on Tuesday evening on the Robin. All welcome and lots of help if you want to learn to knit or crochet.
  9. Hi! Our next meeting is 1 May (tomorrow) 7.30 pm at the Robinhood Pub Millhouses. We meet every 2 weeks on a Tuesday evening and then alternate Wednesday afternoons at Vanilla Cafe at 1.30. Jan
  10. Thanks, I just need a small amount trouble is they are not colours that many people use.
  11. Does anybody have any small oddments of dark brown/light brown/fawn/ DK wool that I could use?
  12. Hi! Thanks very much for the info. Where is the venue? If you have a post code that would be great as I do not know my way around without a satnav!
  13. Hi! I recently moved here to south Sheffield from the West Midlands. Just retired and only know my daughter here. Feeling a little lonely I need to make some friends in my age group.
  14. Hi! I'm bringing the machine this coming Tuesday.
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