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  1. There is no authentic Malysian Restaurant in Sheffield although most Chinese restaurants will serve the some dishes. Will not taste the same as over there some ingredients are not widely available. Nearest place is Chesterfield "Mutiara" they are malaysian only a few dishes are authentic. Thanks
  2. Got caught with a few illegal workers...Then decided not worth reopening... Was told!!!!!!
  3. Just a quick comment...The owners are trying to bring a new taste of chinese to Sheffield. What we are eating in other places are traditional cantonese..which is what most of us are acusstomed to. Im sure if most people on this site went to 3 corners of China or China Red would say the food is disgusting.. China has so many provinces so taste vary... I have tried Chichainn to me its whats the latest trend Fusion food.... But you cant beat a good Sunday Roast!!!!!!!
  4. They are connected 3 shops together. Its the people behind Noodle Inn with a twist...
  5. Does anyone know of a good friendly dance group or school for a 5 year old girl to do street dance (hip hop) disco style dancing. Heard some horror stories of some treating kids like professionals too strict, just want my daughter to have fun meet other kids and see from there if she is any good. Most important for her to enjoy it. Thanks,
  6. You would know wouldnt you!!!! If you dont mind me asking did they advertise he left 4 months ago. From what i recall its been the same head chef for the last 2 years!!!
  7. Not to go out on a **** up weekend on West Street. Or you will be racially abused. They don't care if you speak english or not. Go to London Road and hang around there you will be safe!!!! Welcome to Sheffield.
  8. If you go to the licenseing of you will see anyone can apply to be a taxi driver. The reason its mostly pakistanis (muslim), the youth of britain are workshy and they would have no street cred if their friends found out. They rather be working 9-5 weekends off and getting drunk. THe ethnic minorites are bought up different, also people from other countries are bought up differently (not dependent on the welfare system.)
  9. All chinese restaurants use MSG for flavouring if they say they dont they are bullsh+ting you, but you can ask them not to use it in your dish!!!!!!!
  10. I personally hate it when people say food is not authentic. How many people are willing to try authentic. Some people on this forum are those who will experiment different cuisines, go to places where others wont for holidays (exotic)...I agree they can critcise but majority havent so thats why they are willing to try. Food is customised for the western taste or whatever the country it is in. But these places are open to make money. If something is to authentic majority would not accept. In fairness they should state STYLE in the food.
  11. Scotland street has 2. John Street has 1 Varsity on West Street upstairs.
  12. Yuen Sha is part of the KH trading (Chinese Supermarket) on boston Street. Which has been bought out. So another restaurant will take its place from the new owners.
  13. Barlows own the property and its not for sale or let as they will be redeveloping the site. Due to the econmic climate they have suspended their plans and put on hold. As a friend of mine contacted them to turn it back into a pub.
  14. Agree, This place was really pricey. The quality is above average for a buffet and i would only go on a special occasion. As the choice was limited nothing to shout about.
  15. The place on lond road is Yuen Shan, it is not korean but they were doing Korean style BBQ. Again another China Chinese Restaurant. They have now under new mangement as the company has been bought out.
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