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  1. got a very disapointed son that went here for an interview today..got there and found no one there and others said they had an email at 12 the night before to say its cancelled...a mother there with a birthday party spitting feathers as no one had turned up and she had paid £600!! more people arrived as we were there for paid bookings the place was empty but an old guy there patrolling...anyone have any info? know they are proper outfit as have seen reviews etc online ...also confused as to who owns the land lots of reports on an urban exploration site bout a guy there with a rifle warning people off!!
  2. know this may be going off track a little...does anyone remember filming in manor club early eighties?think it was Richard or david dimblby...don't know which ones which..am desperate to find it as my mom dad and brother are in it
  3. my 10 year old is desperatley trying to find out why burncross is so named, heard various stories which we think are not true and have looked online ..can anyone help?
  4. thanks have had a look.....needs to be a bit wilder..not that i picky or anything lol
  5. we are desperatly lookin for woodland and or barn with power to host our wedding reception..no ceremonie just a reception...loads kent devon etc...any ideas i would be very gratefull!!!!
  6. hi, most centres that do the level 2 should include the spraying as part of it...BTCV do courses in horticulture thats what i did and got the PA1 PA6 included, classed as volunteering i think so i didnt have to pay and my partner was working at the time so worth looking into as the fees are high.
  7. my daughter is also in shiregreen cemetry and we have also had countless things stolen and broken, its heartbreaking to think there realy are people out there that can behave in this way, angry or upset cant decide which i was feeling the most, i did leave a huge piece of cardboard with a message on it jus to let them know how i felt! altho this prob had no effect atall...also....had a miniture conifer cut down without my permission and was nothing to do with council as i contacted them, altho i have an idea of who it is and so does the council!
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