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  1. Sheffield forum full of sarcastic <REMOVED> ---------- Post added 10-05-2015 at 21:13 ---------- Not masked swearing but a truthful comment about idiotic members
  2. My wife spends around £100 at the hairdressers so a £50 haircut is not excessive
  3. Just been into Ladbrokes put a bet on our lads to beat Italy got to be done in World Cup. Just wondering what forumers think of my chances
  4. A mistake is not always bad service maybe he is a new driver. I know some bus drivers are miserable but surely not everybody should be tarnished with the same brush
  5. What has a one ticket fits all system got to do with this driver making a mistake. We are after all only human are we not and therefore prone to the odd mistake now and again
  6. Another problem is that after a few years ( not too many) the dye used to colour the concrete will start to wear leaving it looking patchy.
  7. Just spoke to landlord and he has agreed to waive the £35 fee new contract just been signed
  8. My tenancy agreement is finishing this month and the landlord wants £35 to renew the contract. Is this legal?
  9. Thanks for that guess I will leave it as it is
  10. Just need some advice for my mum. She has a free sat connected. Want I want to know is if I cut the cable from the satellite and split it. Can I buy another box so she can watch television in a different room and if so will ant freesat box do the job. Thanks
  11. Le Maquis you are so sad. I use the forum for my own info. Yes I own my on hoe yes I own a few properties yes I own a 4x4 What is your problem ---------- Post added 06-04-2014 at 23:03 ---------- My wife and children are fine they want for nothing especially money for job interviews
  12. I would second Nortons on Rutland road used them many times
  13. 8. 10. 12. 14. 16 18 ladies are fabulous whatever their size
  14. I think that given the chance anybody would do the same. I would definitely do what she did
  15. Unfortunately I don't care about other people I also did not write the Im alright jack reply. I am not selfish but I focus on myself and not others I believe everybody is responsible and answerable for their own destiny
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