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  1. I had my eyebrows done at pure threading and beauty salon. They were really good. They do threading or waxing. It only cost me £5. They also do all kunds of of beauty treatments. Resonably priced. 749 abbeydale road Sheffield S7 2BG 01143276727.
  2. denise williams sometimes sells used equipment. also on ebay and gumtree
  3. Please use the vacancies section of classifeds. Closing.
  4. last night around 9.15pm i was driving down the road. There was a group of lads and they shouted f******* p*** F**** o**. Now there was no need for that. I was minding my own business going to the shops.
  5. where at gleadless did this happen? I was burgled on thursday 2:40pm. They took all my family jewellry. I'm so scared to even be in the house now. These are evil B'''''''. They just don't know what effect this has on people. (i live in gleadless). They smashed the back patio window.
  6. I'm sure this incident was a one off. I have grown up in nether-edge, been around there for 30 years. The not so very nice bit is from the start to about the tesco extra, but after that is fine.
  7. Netheredge is 1 of the nice areas in sheffield.
  8. http://www.facebook.com/Cakealiciousbyasma.bashir.311056?ref=ts&fref=ts This girl makes fantastic cakes
  9. big and smart on Abbeydale road do alterations 0114 327 67 27
  10. Try Big and smart on 749 Abbeydale road 0114 327 67 27. They do big sizes and alterations.
  11. I've lived in Gleadless for 6 years, never experianced any crime, but there has been things happeing in the area. Why are people giving this area such a bad name, crime happens everywhere!! it dosen't mean its a bad place full of scum. Hard working people with jobs live in this area.
  12. i'm in search of a henna artist to work in a busy salon. good rate of pay.or if you know any1 please give them my number. 0777 954 1562
  13. i had the same letter. the baillif came out, we agreed to pay £50 week, payed for 8 weeks. then the bailiff stopped answering the phone, when i called the office they said they could not discuss it and we needed to talk to the bailliff, how can i do that when he won't pick the phone up.aaarrraaaggghhhh. then i recieved a letter that they will come and take goods, called the office again, they said it had been passed to someone else. so called the other guy, who said he was busy and will call back. second day he was knocking on the door. we said we are prepared to pay the installments and don't know whats happened. I am so stressed and angry, i'm prepared to pay, but they want the whole lot or remove goods. the company is rude and comunication is crap. all they do is keep added fees on, how the hell can you clear the debt if they keep adding on to it. please someone any advise.
  14. this morning left the house at 6.45am to go to work and someone has thrown a brick at my husband car. Its damaged the wing. Don't understand what its all about. There are 2 cars on the drive, mine the expensive one, but someone damages his???? and who???? and why??? The brick used was from my garden.
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