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  1. I have a Samsung mobile that I found at work. I followed lost property procedure that if someone hasn't claimed it in 28days I can claim it myself i waited 34 days just to make sure. No one claimed it so I now have it. I took it down the Samsung shop and turns out the handset has been blacklisted is there a way around this to make the handset active again?
  2. morning all Im looking for bars that don't mind stag parties. any ideas welcome
  3. I have a male and female rabbits. And they have been very happy until quite recently. They have a huge back garden to run around in, fed a variety of fresh veg, plenty of toys, fresh hay 2-3 times a week, fresh bedding changed often and cleaned out without fail every Friday and Tuesday (obviously weather depending). over the past year I had a problem with slugs getting there food and just simply invading their home. so I moved them and the issue stopped, the slugs came back. I read that salt helps keep slugs at bay so I moved the rabbits again and put down salt it stopped...... theres a pattern emerging here ive moved them at least 7 times in 8 months. im running out of options. I am not sure if I should Slug pellets or any other type of repellent in case it poisons the rabbits. I have 2 choices really risk the slug repellent/pellets or consider finding them a home away from the slugs which I don't want to do but im running out of options here
  4. we need a venue that can hold upto 120 people in december. we need a bar type of venue thank you
  5. id be interested if I could get time off every wednesday
  6. I heard a rumour that this train is passing through Sheffield at around 1pm is there any truth to this
  7. Myself and my partner are getting married next October. we have a date, venue for ceremony and other things in between. however we are struggling to find a venue that can cater to our needs. below is a list of what we are looking for in a venue so if anybody knows a venue that can cater us please get in touch. we need:- a venue to hold up to 120+ people can offer a 12hr slot for us to use venue has a dancefloor and spot where we can have a dj that's basically it. thanks in advance
  8. I understand what your saying but I very much doubt a Chinese lantern ripped a across a short section of sky. I didn't say it was alien all im saying it was a bright light and I was mainly asking if anyone else had seen it. judging by responses im getting the answer is no. ive gone through footage of "ufos" "brightlights" and "meteors" and the only thing that came close to what I saw was the video posted by soloman1. ---------- Post added 16-10-2015 at 07:55 ---------- if you think I was on the <removed> when this happened you are very much mistaken I don't smoke, take drugs or drink.
  9. starsign reading is astrology not astronomy. its hard to say if it was military as I don't think theres military airbase in Sheffield to my knowledge (obviously I could be wrong) ---------- Post added 15-10-2015 at 15:26 ---------- yes I did my bad lol it was early this morning when I typed this up at work. apologies
  10. "Astronomy is a natural science which is the study of celestial objects (such as stars, galaxies, planets, moons, asteroids, comets and nebulae), the physics, chemistry, and evolution of such objects, and phenomena that originate outside the atmosphere of Earth, including supernovae explosions, gamma ray bursts, and cosmic microwave background radiation. A related but distinct subject, physical cosmology, is concerned with studying the universe as a whole" quoted from Wikipedia (first website I came too) and if im correct Physics & chemistry are a branch of science and gravity which is to do with space is heavily linked with physics which I took as a gcse. not trying to prove you wrong just trying to show that its linked with science. ---------- Post added 15-10-2015 at 15:20 ---------- yes we found sooty thank you
  11. a lot of people are gonna brand me a nut job for what im about to post to that im going to say if got nothing nice to say or if your not interested then go away. *rant over* last night around (14/10/15) between 10:30-11:15 my partner and I was looking for our missing cat sooty. we was in the garden and from my house at night you get some of the most stunning views of Sheffield, meadowhall, Attercliffe areas. it was clear in the sky and at that particular moment in time I looked up. I was amazed at the fact that a bright light appeared from nowhere, it stayed in 1 spot for aprox 3 seconds and then bolted across the sky at speed. now its faster than a plane and is definitely faster than a first bus, it didn't flash with any other lights and didn't make a sound. Im not saying its aliens, a ufo or anything out the ordinary. I am very interested in science and did very well in my GCSEs for science and astrology is one of my favourite parts of science and I know for a fact that couldn't be a meteor or asteroid as it had no trail following it I do know that meteors and asteroids can in appear in our skys from nowhere and disappear in the same way it started but to appear, fly across the sky and disappear and leave no trail behind it is rather odd. I want to point out im not a believer in alien's or ufos however this has my curiosity going about what me and my partner saw. did anyone else see anything last night?
  12. Do scrap men take fridges and freezers at all I need rid of a fridge, chest freezer and a under counter freezer and as you can guess.I've had no luck
  13. can anyone recommend any auto driving instructors that cover wybourn/manor area please. im fed up of public transport so its time to drive.
  14. as a blade i dont care who we get in play offd because it would have to be a miracle to win any of them after the performances ive seen. yes we have had some good performances but we have had some total shockers. i do hope we go up and have some blinding games but in honesty i cant see us getting to play off final
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