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  1. Ann Wilcock (Bartles) Sadley passed away on 17th May 2015 At the Macmillan Palliative Care Unit Sheffield. Funeral to be held Tuesday 2nd June 1.15pm City Rd Crematorium. All Donations to Macmillan Palliative Care Unit in Memory of Ann. Softly I will leave you, for my heart would break, if you should wake and see me go, As I leave you there.
  2. There is no black on my missing Cat. He's Ginger & White no more colours his tail is bushy & ginger in colour. Sometimes gets an oil patch on his fur from a near by leaky car. Thanks for writing in. TC Rachel
  3. Hi on facebook a lady called Frances Dee has found a cat fitting the description to your missing cat. I hope you get reunited <3 Tc rachel https://www.facebook.com/groups/FoundLostnMissed/
  4. Thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately the little chick died
  5. Thanks you I did know about it not affecting the chick or chicks in the nest if I popped him in one. I'm hoping someone out there reads this and sees my plight /) I am making the little chap comfy, the best I can, but I know I can't give him the nutrients he needs. I am worried it's prob a matter of time now How ever the little fellow' s done really well. I found him at 12 noon today. He nearly was was lunch for my cat Ive search all my hedge row for a nest, but ' nothing. He could have fallen from anywhere
  6. Thanks. (might need it) I have a rubber glove filled with warm water atm lol. It's keeping the little chap warm doing the trick. but obviously will go cold eventually
  7. Birds don't have a great sense of smell. The cuckoo is an expample ,they kick out all the chicks or eggs and lay their own and the other bird feeds them The advice I have for best chance is to get back in an active nest asap.
  8. Wildlife lovers please can help.... Is there anyone out there got a birds nest with chicks in their garden? I have an orphan chick. It's got a chance of survival if I can get it back in an active nest. I have spoke with sheffield wildlife rescue this was their advice.
  9. Dont' break the speed limit... Problem solved lol
  10. I'm withou on this I once petted a very cute little yorkie that belonged to my friend. It nearly chewed my hands off She was a very angry dog, we don't no why she just was. They would never let her off the leash in a park or public area. Going back to dog walking and being responsible. No matter how cute or fierce a dog is or looks, they can have grumpy days just like us. If owners love there dogs they would walk them in public areas on a leash.
  11. I love dogs to bits. I'm not a dog owner, but if i were i welcome bringing back a licensing system i think it would sort lot of theses issues out. Most pet responsible pet owners have their animals chipped, the local council could used this chipping system to everyone's advantage as lots of data about dogs and their owners is already collected there is no Dog Walking Laws in Sheffield on any bread, as I once enquired after a unresposible young 14yr boy let is pit bull roam off into my garden and poor unsuspeciting cat got nearly eaten alive If local authorities brought in a dog walking act, I'm sure, we would all be having a debate about something else Happy dogs, happy owners, happy owners, happy public Ive seen it on more than 5 occasions where very young possibly 12 yrs old child is walking a 10st Rottweiler, even on a leash how can a child possibly control a dog of that size, if it decides it wants to eat another dog or cat ( Common sense plays a big factor in all of his Peace out xx It's only my opinion and a suggestion
  12. Thanks for the petition.I've signed it Lets hope its makes a difference I shall be forwarding this on to my friends. I did take action, as refer to in the post, both to police and council.
  13. I know how you feel my poor cat was mauled by a staffi last year on our own garden ! He was sat on the door step when the door came bursting into the porch area and jumped on him. I was horrified I was desperately trying to get out the door and couldn't find my keys. I got out and had to pull the dog off it was going mental.I was in a right old state and so was my cat The youth stood and watch and didn't even help, I was going bonkers at him, he called me a few names and said look at what your cats done to my dog talk about cheek!! My poor cat ran for dear life staright up a tree on across the road. He went up about 30ft no exaggeration I had a huge to get a ladder to him down. He was soo shaken up. The vet said he was very lucky that he escaped any punchers and had badley bruised his back legs he was wobbly for a week or so it cost me £75. I called local council and police. The police more or less laughed at me and said come on dogs will always chase cats . We all know this but in my opinion something has to be done about these huge bull terrier status dogs!!! Don't get me wrong a love dogs, but I feel the whole process of responsible dog keeping has gone out the window!!! Bring back the dog licence I say and a new law to keep your dog on a leash in a public area...
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