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  1. Does anyone know of a local solicitor who is dealing with tree root damage disputes with Sheffield City Council, please? Thanks
  2. I'm not sure if it's a little too early yet or not, but does anyone know of any sloe berries growing in or around Sheffield that can be picked? Or have you seen any locally in previous years? I'm thinking of trying to make sloe gin again for Christmas
  3. The EGGS BENEDICT (why this must be capped up I don't know but, hey, I'll hop on any old bandwagon) at the Brooklyn in Kelham Island are really, really good
  4. Hi, Has anyone taken their car to Carcraft over near the airport for their MOT? If so, what kind of experience have you had with them? Many thanks
  5. Thanks for your reply! I've finished a strip of 10mg tablets cut in half to 5mg, so for the last five days I have stopped taking anything at all. I'm feeling pretty tired, irritable and the 'head zaps'/dizziness feeling is driving me nuts, making me more irritable! I'm determined to stick with it, I just want it to go away soon! I'm not feeling anxious anymore though, which is always good! :-)
  6. I'm really pleased that I came across this thread - admittedly, I haven't been able to read all of the posts but the earlier posts have been quite reassuring to read because it helps me to understand it's probably normal to be experiencing the withdrawal symptoms that I am right now. I'm in the process of reducing my Citalopram dose from 10mg a day to 5mg (by chopping the tablets in half - I hope this is an effective method because I'm not even sure if you can get 5mg tablets of Citalopram in the UK?). I began reducing my dose about a week and a half ago and over the past couple of days I've really begun to notice some withdrawal symptoms - general tiredness, increased anxiety, occasional 'head zaps' and getting really upset - and even a little paranoid - about things I wouldn't normally get upset about. Because 10mg is such a low dose anyway, I really didn't think reducing this further to 5mg whilst I weaned myself off would be a problem. It's possible that I may be a little hasty since I only reduced my dosage just over a week ago, but I'm worried that these symptoms will last. Because I'm beginning to feel like how I did before I went on Citalopram, I'm also so worried that I will need to rely on these tablets to cope, which is an awful thought!! I'm determined to stick with lowering my dose and not resort to going back to my full previous dose just because I feel I need it. Any positive stories from people who experienced withdrawal but came out the other side and don't need the tablets any more would be so much appreciated right now :-)
  7. Someone scraped my car in the snow when it was parked up. Images here: http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y48/trumpmuffin/IMG_3790.jpg http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y48/trumpmuffin/IMG_3789.jpg http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y48/trumpmuffin/IMG_3791.jpg Don't want to go through the insurance, but it looks like it needs sorting out. Any recommendations for getting it fixed? Or does anyone on here do it? It's a Seat Ibiza. Thanks
  8. I'm looking for Greek language night classes in Sheffield - does anybody know of anywhere offering this? Preferably group classes, rather than one-to-one tuition. Thanks!
  9. Haha disagree with the last sentence, although I'm not completely convinced it was meant in all seriousness Interesting, related blog post I stumbled across recently: http://bangsandabun.com/2012/05/are-you-entitled-to-your-opinion/#more-4291
  10. It's not Chinese but Sakushi - the Japanese restaurant on Campo Lane - does an all you can eat deal on Sundays.
  11. Hi there, My mum is a very active and young 73-year-old who has recently been feeling quite down and a bit stuck for things to do (and she's not usually one to admit it when she's feeling like this) so I've offered to help her look for any activities or clubs of any kind in and around Sheffield for over 60s, where she can do something fun and meet new people. I thought the Forum might be a good place to start looking so if anyone knows of any suitable groups or activities, that would be much appreciated! Thanks
  12. Hi there, My boyfriend and I are looking to plan a week's holiday in June on one of the Greek islands - we've been to Thassos and Kefalonia before and really enjoyed both but are looking for somewhere new to try that's traditional but fairly lively (not Malia lively though!) We have been considering Santorini but it looks to be considerably more pricey than other destinations - perhaps we haven't found the right deal, though. Where's your favourite Greek destination and why? Tips and advice greatly appreciated! Thanks
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