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  1. im needing a 1/2 bedroom flat/apartment/house and i particular prefer in S9 area, handsworth, brinsworth, catcliffee, treeton.
  2. hello does anyone know a letting agency in sheffield/rotherham that excepts dss/house allowence? would be grateful for any input........... thank you
  3. http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=abs-zCSjukw any justice for this family who has been torn apart by social services
  4. Hello Is there any justice for this family who suffered at the hands of social services unesscary this family is torn apart http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=abs-zCSjukw
  5. Hi I have a 3 year old girl and 7 year old girl who both love dancing I was wondering how much u charge for a lesson/lessons?
  6. Went to see resident evil extinction other day for mums bday was good very good I give it a 9 out of 10
  7. I think social services who doesn't have kids shouldn't work with parents or children coz they know jack all about family life how they can patronise a family make vile comments and make up lies is beyond me all they do is discriminate families good families but never the bad families there's children in the world who have bad parents e.g where I live there plenty of children who arnt being looked after properly how a 4 year old and her siblings climb on roofs make piles in garden knock a fence of etc I can go on and on oh take this 2 young girls ages from 5 playing in road and when I tell them to move they move but then go back on roads
  8. My 3 year old graduated from that nursery and now in full time school so proud of her
  9. Both nurseries are really good my youngest 2 went to hackenthorpe hall and thethe staff are excellent not to mention the nursery I recommend anyone to try hackenthorpe nursery they teach children abc from young age
  10. My husband has bought trophies from sportstrophy fantastic gears and prices I wouldn't go anywhere but to sportstrophy as I think the trophies and medals are better quality and good textures aswell as the engraving well done sportstrophy keep up the good work
  11. where is the tour de france to be held in sheffield tonight as parntner and i would like to go.
  12. I live in tinsley and and my postcode starts with s9 so as far as I'm concerned I'm basically living in sheffield
  13. It should not put men off if they wanted a relationship with a woman but has a child/children they should except that those kids are a package either except her and package or don't get involved either way but men should except a woman for who she is and what she has
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