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  1. Jacky was as lucky to have you, as you were to have Jacky - such closeness is hard to find. Take comfort in the memories you shared and the children you have, and you will smile again, I promise you.
  2. But how do you know he wasn't picking up his disabled Gran or another equally disabled person? It's possible there was reason why there appeared not to be a disabled person in the car with them. IMO, we're all too quick the think the worst of each other.
  3. I'll second that! Why should someone with a child get preferential treatment?! And before I get slated, I have a 10 week old grandson. As old as I am, I manage perfectly getting my Grandson and pram in and out of the car, on my own, in a normal parking space. If I can do it, so can others!! I also have a disabled Mother and I park in a disabled parking spot. If Im seen walking to my car without my Mum (having left her for 5 minutes to retrive something from my car) it could look as though Im parking illegally, so maybe not all "supposed" illegal parkers are not in fact illegal!
  4. The breakdown of a marriage is rarely one persons fault. That being so, in this case, (even though the OP states that the marriage was supposedly happy, meaning I assume that he didnt think otherwise until the wife strayed) why should she not go for half of everything?? A canny lass IMO!
  5. Thats a bit harsh! They're not all like that I can assure you. My daughter did a foundation course in Child Nursing (and claimed EMA) and is now in her 2nd year at Sheffield Hallam, doing very well, thank you. There will always be those who fall by the wayside though
  6. On the contrary, the driving test was the hardest thing I have ever done. I was good enough to pass the test, the learning is ongoing.
  7. Oh come on Medusa! You mean to tell me, when you first passed your test you were confident and able from day 1?! This sort of attitude really makes me cross. Isnt there a general consensus of opinion that you only really start to learn once the test has been passed? Certainly true in my case. For what its worth, i'm so glad I passed 18 months ago!!
  8. No please dont! They're really quite harmless - in fact, they're really rather helpful around the house, especially in the Summer months when there are lots of flys. The hairspray method is quite cruel. Why not try the glass and card method, as mentioned on here previously?
  9. Well said! Why are so many people in such a rush?! Chances are if your speed doesnt kill you, your stress levels will!
  10. I also have a problem with "scooping the poop" - sometimes my dogs poo is not (Im trying to be tactful here!) very solid. This doesnt happen often, so Im not unduly woried about his general health) I try desparately to clear it away, but sometimes (and Im ashamed to admit this) I have to leave it as its not physically possible to clear it away (if you get my gist!) Other that carrying around a brush and disinfectant, does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can deal with this?
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