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  1. Sure there is one above High Bradfield on a Sunday morning - we've heard it twice recently.
  2. Similar to Ugg boots in my opinion-over-priced, ugly and unflattering-but fashion dictates that they are trendy so must be worn!
  3. I think the 15mins wait is only after Pfizer vaccine as it's a new type of vaccine. I had Oxford jab and no wait.
  4. I didn't mean to suggest in any way that you were jumping the queue but i do know of people who have found this loophole and are abusing the system. I hope you get your appointment soon.
  5. You are supposed to wait for a letter but some people who think they are special enough to jump the queue book theirs on the website which doesn't check whereabouts you are on the waiting list.
  6. Ridiculous queuing here this morning. Cars parked all over-on corners, double yellow lines etc. Impossible to tell which cars were trying to get up to Morrisons, which were queuing for McDonalds and which for B&Q. Do people really need these take-aways so desperately?!
  7. They have a coat hanger recycling bin at Sainsburys at Wadsley Bridge near the check-outs - not sure about other sites.
  8. Yes - once you notice something like this the niggle just grows...Sorry!
  9. Was talking to some people today here who had just seen some deer. They didn't know what type. Anyone seen them or know what they are? Seen red deer near the Grouse Inn but never at Ringinglow.
  10. Anyone know which road the house is on that was shown on this programme tonight on Channel 4? - presume Ecclesall/Hunters Bar/Broomhill area?
  11. They are only just digging out the site so it will be some time yet. Scary how close to the river it looks too-massive job.
  12. Cycle lane gone - yippee! At least they listened to people's opinions! How much it has all cost is another matter - to say nothing of the inconvenience to thousands of motorists.
  13. VIC iron work at Jericho Works on Holme Lane Hillsborough S6. Made us some made-to-measure iron stakes to put around garden pond to deter herons.
  14. Think it's now in the Woodhead region - Crowden. Still ok as far as I know.
  15. Yes i noticed this yesterday-disgusting. It must all be from a garage and must have taken a big lorry. Looked like about 10 car bonnets!
  16. Ok-thanks for that. Will try it!
  17. My daughter has a lab puppy now 7 months old. From the start she would jump up and nip at people. The nipping has just about stopped but the jumping up hasn't! Does anybody have any tips? As she's now quite big it can be scary for strangers so she is mainly kept on a lead when out. Weirdly she never does it to her owners but is really bad with me - and it is very annoying - especially when I have to walk home covered in muddy paw prints. Have tried shouting at her, ignoring her and walking backwards away from her. We are now at a standstill - any tips appreciated! Thank you.
  18. My lawn is a terrible mess of daisies, buttercups, clover, self-heal, dandelions, plantations and now the invasive orange hawkweed! However I don't want to use weedkillers as I love the insects and butterflies in the garden. Is there a wildlife-friendly solution? Also does anyone know if Green Thumb will do one visit or does it have to be monthly for a minimum length of time? Thanks for suggestions.
  19. Deepcar - sorry should have specified. Planning permission been put in for 400+ houses but it's been ongoing for a couple of years. Don't think builders will give up!
  20. Thanks for that max. I have registered to track the outcome.
  21. Does anyone have any up-dates on this proposed development? I can't seem to find the latest news on wnen or if it has been given the go-ahead. Thank you.
  22. Padders - you must have only recently lost your partner then? Commiserations.
  23. As per title - can anyone tell me what species of daffodil is only just coming into flower now? Not noticed it being so late before. It is quite a short specimen.
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