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  1. Hello, if you contact Birkdale School and Sheffield High School, they always host good holiday camps and provide a few different options. Good Luck!
  2. Hello- contact your estate agent and see if you can negotiate on the £180. I'm sure new tenants will be found quickly, especially if you make the house look as desirable as possible on viewings. If the agent won't budge on £180 then look at it this way, £180 is a lot less to pay then full rent until November! Good Luck!
  3. Hello- be very careful who you use and get it in writing before they do anything for you!! Good Luck!
  4. Hello-I think it's lovely that you want to give your house a name. Why not? I like Orchard House, has a happy and friendly vibe to it!
  5. Hello-There are some lovely new properties in the Parklands development off city road. A Flat in Ranmoor will probably be more than you can afford. I know some 1 & 2 beds on that development go for around £400pcm. If you go onto rightmove and type in S2 as your chosen area to let, you will see the flats available and I think you will be pleasantly surprised. Good Luck!
  6. Hello-approach a school and try to get some voluntary work, you'll enjoy the experience and will look good on your cv. Good luck!
  7. Hello- Yes it's a nice place. You could find a lot worse areas. Try visiting a few times before deciding if you can. Good luck!
  8. Hello- have you tried looking online.. I'm sure something will come up!
  9. I worked in a sausage factory and froze to death at every shift!! Not great but it was a job!!
  10. Hello- you could even try a play center, keeps the mess out of your home and some offer really good packages and a great price. Play Arena is great, it's new and based in Heeley. Good luck and hope your son enjoys his party!
  11. Hello-a great place for venues is Tapton Hall, Norfolk Park Community Centre, St Aidans Church on City Road. Have you thought about Play Arena, it's a new playcentre in Heeley and can provide a disco as part of the party package. Good Luck!
  12. Hello- doctors should never make patients feel like they are wasting the doctor's time. Especially when it concerns a new baby! Firstly, ask to see another doctor next time! Secondly write a letter of complain to the surgery and to the medical board. You could even ask to speak to the Head Practitioner at the surgery explaining the doctors unacceptable behavior. Good Luck and hope your baby is now better.
  13. Hello - I went to a friends celebration at St Aidans Church on City Road. Beautiful inside and very good in price. Good Luck and congratulations.
  14. I say give it a go!.. if it works then great, if not, never do it again!
  15. Try Greedy Greek just on the back of Ecclesall Road. I'm sure you can google their details. Enjoy!
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