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  1. i dye mine black and i have no tattoos or peircings, maybe the colour is just popular and maybe people cannot afford to go to the salon as much and usually do a home job inbetween salon trips hence the slightly not 100% right finish.
  2. why not get the patients involved if they are able, ask them what talents they had when they were younger and do a bit of a show or a show and tell type thing? im sure they would love re living their younger days! ---------- Post added 14-06-2013 at 19:59 ---------- also try this guy i know him personally and hes a great bloke https://www.facebook.com/harry.hillish?fref=ts
  3. McDonalds, they are advertising through the job centre news letter for staff.
  4. id just get her a meadowhall gift voucher theres a good chance she might not like the dress you choose her. otherwise try QUIZ, Debenhams, BHS, Select, Boohoo.com, River Island maybe New Look and Top Shop good luck!
  5. im wondering of it was due to him only being in nursery, there is no legal requirement to send your children to nursery so his being absent would not have been reason for them to visit to check on him. However if he was going to school daily then i agree something should have been picked up.
  6. mental illness is not an excuse for this kind of crime and certainly not a legal one, in cases of temp insanity as a result of metal illness they are still prosecuted by the place in which they serve out their sentence is adjusted i think. In this case i cant see mental illness holding much legal significance as it is clear from the texts that it was in some sense pre meditated abuse and not a case of one parent "snapping". also mental illness and being evil are not something im comfortable with pairing together, having a mental illness does not make people commit these or any other types of acts. It is usually a string of events and circumstances that cultivate the person that is capable of these kinds of things. My heart goes out to that poor little boy and i hope he has finally found some peace. And that the parents get the book thrown at them!
  7. thats a judgement call. personally id chuck it mainly due to the tuna being in it.
  8. im fortunate to live further up, just off prince of wales road im kind of inbetween darnall and littledale on an estate thats mainly filled with elderly people in bungalows so its rather quiet and off the beaten track. I can access all bus routes by just skirting the edge of darnall without going into the main part so i think im more fortunate than the other residents.
  9. the issue is that if they are not doing anything illegal they cannot move them on, i recently spoke to the local councilor for the darnall area and these words came from him. i have lived in darnall my entire life and i now no longer visit my local area if i can help it ad definately not after 4.30pm! and it may get worse as there is 2 more betting shops planning to open up in this area, there are objections being out in to the council for this but not sure it will stop them
  10. yeh August opening, i went for a job interveiw with them last week and it all sounded like its going to be a great place. Some delicious food to come aswell, the menus looked yummy!
  11. They are complaining/worrying because they are the ones that are using the service. Personally i dont like the idea mainly because of the "bugs" that will need to be worked out during its first few months. there are errors that occur even now with the current system mainly due to manual errors. ok we all know mistakes happen but when that mistake can effect a persons access to money for food and bills for their family it becomes a concern. I worry this will get worse with the new system. Right now we are just about holding our head above water but one messed up/late payment could throw a spanner into our finances as bills will end up with late charges added on that we could not afford. I got made redundant 8 weeks ago and i hate going to the job centre i hate the fact that i dont currently work and i am the kind of person that has to work otherwise i feel unvalued, this is re enforced by trips to the job centre for various things on average im there twice a week and each time i leave feeling depressed, deflated, useless and like im an inconvienience. I job search twice a day on various websites and through papers, i take cvs and cover letters to shopping centres, sheffield centre, crystal peaks, rotherham centre and doncaster centre too and i have over 11 years experiance and various qualifications in my field. I have had my cv updated and have had job centre sessions designed to help with interview skills and cover letter writing yet despite all this i have only had 2 interviews. I have seen and heard various opinions on this subject and it seems most that agree are those that are in work but i have to question if they could imagine themselves using this "improved" service would they still be in favour? And to be honest is there any point complaining about it anyway its going to happen its just a case of when not if.
  12. oh my! he is adorable! have you found his owners yet?
  13. https://www.gov.uk/countersigning-passport-applications The person who signs the photo (the ‘countersignatory’) must: live in the UK have known the person applying (or the adult signing the application for a child under 16) for at least 2 years have a current British or Irish passport They can’t be closely related or involved with the person applying, eg: related by birth or marriage be in a relationship or live at the same address as the person applying. and as for non professional, yes they do have to be, Countersignatories must work in a recognised profession or be ‘a person of good standing in their community’, eg: accountant airline pilot articled clerk of a limited company assurance agent of recognised company bank/building society official barrister chairman/director of limited company chiropodist commissioner of oaths councillor (local or county) civil servant (permanent), but not someone who works for IPS dentist director/manager of a VAT-registered charity director/manager/personnel officer of a VAT-registered company engineer (with professional qualifications) financial services intermediary (eg a stockbroker or insurance broker) fire service official funeral director insurance agent (full time) of a recognised company journalist Justice of the Peace legal secretary (fellow or associate member of the Institute of Legal Secretaries and PAs) licensee of public house local government officer manager/personnel officer (of a limited company) member, associate or fellow of a professional body Member of Parliament Merchant Navy officer minister of a recognised religion (including Christian Science) nurse (RGN and RMN) officer of the armed services (active or retired) optician paralegal (certified paralegal, qualified paralegal or associate member of the Institute of Paralegals) person with honours (an OBE or MBE, for example) pharmacist photographer (professional) police officer Post Office official president/secretary of a recognised organisation Salvation Army officer social worker solicitor surveyor teacher, lecturer trade union officer travel agent (qualified) valuer or auctioneer (fellows and associate members of the incorporated society) Warrant Officers and Chief Petty Officers
  14. just be thankfull they are not in the house! and yeh they can chew through brick ive seen it first hand in a house a relative had! they chewed through the bricks and concrete under the sink cupboard! they got so brave they were coming out in the day time while people were there!
  15. id say it was rats too! im not 100% sure but i think council will come and sort it for free if its rats.
  16. i got made redundant yesterday and i am dreading having to phone and claim jobseekers, i have done it once before and i dont even have the words to describe my time with them! luckily for me i got a job a few days before my first signing on date and the day i signed on was the day i also signed off!
  17. jimmy at portland works i think its called anchor something or other.
  18. any news on the stagecoach 52 getting to crookes? i cant get onto the travel website at the moment.
  19. can anyone tell me what crookes is like today i need to get up there from darnall on the 52 the travel website are saying stuck on route and not serving crookes and a freind has just told me they are taking buses off?
  20. its happening all over i'm at Darnall and Ive had 1 aggravated burglary and 1 attempted break in. Police informed us that Darnall, Littledale, manor, bowden wood, Catcliffe, Frecheville and Tinsley amongst others have all had a high increase in these incidents recently.
  21. i have 2 children, work and a sick mother and im doing a criminal pyschology honours degree at the open uni and i have to say at times its tricky to manage my time but im getting there now. the support you get is amazing and you can ask for extensions if you really need it, i have not asked yet and have always managed to get my assignments done and in on time. you can go to lectures if you want they are in various locations there are also web classes and tutorials and the tutor has a contact number you can use if you need to. have a look on the website. good luck with what ever you choose to do.
  22. we had someone come into our home last saturday evening and take my coat and purse from my kitchen! the police have said there is a big increase in the area they also informed us about the security of our locks which are the standard barrel cylinder ones that can be snapped/bumped easily, so on the sunday morning we went and had them all replaced with anti bump nti snap locks we also fitted door and window alarms and are now having a burglar alarm fitted and a better flood light for the back. it is a good job we did as sunday night we had another attempted break! you can clearly see where they tried to use a snapper bar to snap our lock the police said they must have really tried cos the indentation is perfect, so much so the police can even tell what brand of snapper bar they used! i am now scared to leave my home and even to go to sleep! i am now sleeping with a massive bakers rolling pin at the side of my bed! i have to say also that i have seen a big increase in police presence in my area in the last few days.
  23. you may struggle for a city centre venue thats not too expensive and one where you can provide your own food and entertainment. good luck for your wedding though
  24. im so sorry for your loss. When my dad passed away 3 years ago we used Simpsons on city road, we applied for the a funeral grant and were succesfull but we ended up being a bit short also but Simpsons let us pay it off in instalments over a few months following the funeral. Im not sure if all of them can or will be willing to do this but it might be worth asking.
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