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  1. Can anyone recommend a supplier for bespoke cafe/saloon doors, or a carpenter/joiner who could make these in Sheffield
  2. Just looked at the new 30 timetable and noticed the service is now stopping at City Hall/Leopold Street, with a new service going to Dore. While this will be a pain for those who do travel further than the city centre from the townships/Woodhouse/Handsworth areas, the overall timekeeping should improve. Even at quieter periods in the day, the bus didn't seem to be able to do the complete round trip within the timetable (evenings and weekends excluded).
  3. The council scrapped the garden waste collection at the same time they announced they were cutting black bin collection to once a week. So now we have two weeks normal waste and two weeks garden waste in the black bin. Next the council will complain that the bins are too heavy and won't collect them at all - and it wouldn't surprise me if that was their aim all along.
  4. No matter how bad TM's service is, it has to be be an improvement on the current one. I've heard some people complaining to the driver, only to be told "If we get many more complaints about this route, we'll stop running it". Says it all really.
  5. In the afternoon the 30 is supposed to run every 30 minutes. In practice, you can turn up whenever you want and expect to wait around half an hour.
  6. I got mine from Floors Online. They arranged delivery in advance, but can only give a choice of morning or afternoon.
  7. The best promotion for busses would be to get them running on time. I'm on the 30 route, which is the worst in the city for punctuality.
  8. It went in the black bin. I do recycle when the provision is there - the blue bin gets all the bottles and cans, the blue box gets all the paper and cardboard. I don't see why I should have to take my rubbish to the tip (bulky items such as furniture excepted, of course) when I pay the council to remove it - or rather the council makes me pay them to remove it. It isn't as though the coucil are "forced" to do this, it is their choice. When the Lib Dems ran the council they weren't planning to slash bin collections, and they had the same budget contraints.
  9. Our black bin is currently rarely more than half full, but the green bin (which is larger than the black bin) is filled fortnightly in summer. Now the green bin collection is being removed all the garden waste will have to go in the black bin - so that one is now likely to be filled weekly instead.
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