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  1. Congratulations on finding what you think is your answer.
  2. The vast majority of Buses in Europe are in fact state run and operated under contract. Some of those contracts are held by British companies but most are held by state controlled operators.
  3. Really? I have worked in the area of claims against bus companies and its scary. Centre door claims are one of the highest in London where they still maintain this outmoded system. But there again, I have no doubt that in certain parts of Europe etc etc etc ..........yawn. Oh and yes, in a commercial environment like we have here there is a responsibility to collect fares unlike in Europe where buses are run as a burden to all irrespective of use. I wonder at times why our country is so attractive to foreigners if it is so bad.
  4. But this isnt the 70's anymore. Times change and local authorities have seen fit to cater only for dingle door buses at bus stops. One major factor was the amount of claims against them when they ran the buses for centre door accidents.
  5. Two door buses would not be practical in South Yorkshire, the entire infrastructure is set up for single door buses. Bus stations and Bus stops only have a single width entry point and the cost of rectifying this would be massive.
  6. busdriver1

    Racism within sheffield

    Whilst being pedantic you are over looking the FACT that they are countries and as such why should a person NOT associate themselves with it? After all it ties them down to a particular part of the collective that is Britain. Are you a Yorkshireman? If so is that not just a furtherance of that? Or would you like us to be like the USA where there are very few people who are american but loads who are African/American, Polish/ American and so on? Just accept that there are a grat many who for no other reason than they feel more English than British describe themselves as such.
  7. busdriver1

    Racism within sheffield

    Or maybe they are just recognising the fact that there are separate countries within Britain and wish to identify with the particular one they are from? Not racist just being mega accurate.
  8. And those cheaper prices were when? Dont tell me, 32 years ago under the PTE that was running at a MASSIVE loss with buses that were not being maintained properly putting passengers lives at risk. Yea, lets bring that back.
  9. You had to spoil it with true facts
  10. busdriver1

    Northern Rail strikes

    Surely this would be better for the public as it would mean the train would not be cancelled as it would now?
  11. Once each then the PTE put the travelmaster or whatever they are called this week up as well. STILL amongst the cheapest in the UK
  12. busdriver1

    Hermes collection point from depot ?

    DPD is the only way these days, solid and reliable and way better that the others is every way. I now insist on my deliveries coming with them or I wont order. ( and no, I dont work for them).
  13. Some of the cheapest bus fares in the country and you get this
  14. busdriver1

    Racism within sheffield

    I have lived in a few places but was only introduced to racism when I moved to Luton. The West Indian community there showed me how its done. Being brought up in the North East I had never encountered it before. Is there racism in Sheffield? Definitely, I have had first hand experience of it to the point where I was told that "we want all you white <removed> out of here". Is it more so than other places? From my experience its as bad as many but not all, certainly worse than where and when I grew up in Newcastle area.
  15. busdriver1

    Traffic around meadowhall 28/12/18

    I just make do with whats there and then get back to important stuff. After all a shirt is a shirt no matter what colour or style.

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