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  1. So you accept there are people who have died as a result of the virus you say does not exist. But they are old so lets just forget them eh?
  2. Could well be. I wonder if he will tire of promoting his wares on here soon as he is just soooooo boring
  3. Dont say that he might believe you and expect to sell one. P.S. I believe they are under fantasy.
  4. I wish I could agree. My local GP practise has seen them all working from home with no face to face appointments for over a year. Regular tests I am ment to have have not taken place and as a result have lost my place in the queue for surgery.
  5. Clearly a muppet who needs a good long holiday in India.
  6. It was re-routed missing out large parts of Lower Walkley because of the inconsiderate parking of local residents. Given that the buses used were of a smaller dimension than a fire engine lets hope they are not called upon to visit that area in an emergency.
  7. Try explaining to me why traffic got held for 25 minutes round the meadowhall ring road while traffic coming from brightside was virtually non existent. ( the only reason for it getting held there would be to clear traffic from brightside). The were over 10 buses with passengers on stuck there never mind at least a hundred cars. Not acceptable under any circumstances. Some cars managed to escape through the car parks but the buses remained trapped as did most of the cars. This happened 3 days in a row at exactly 16.30 ( coincidentally the time the bus company officer left UTC) and on the 3rd day the bus operators just missed out meadowhall. Hardly satisfactory.
  8. Firstly, I am not now and have not for many years been a bus driver. (Working in Sheffield cured me of that). When you have over 100 vehicles ( a few buses but mainly cars) Held up while another road is actually empty the controllers have got it wrong, badly. But hey Its you, I dont expect you to either acknowledge a problem or even accept the authenticity of what I say That is your way.
  9. The system is flawed at best. It rarely works. I know that for a fact. As for UTC. traffic flows a lot better when they don't interfere. Again that is my personal experience and fact.
  10. Lesr to read what is written not what you want to see. Its all there. As for "what is your evidence" That is just a polite way of calling someone a liar so will be given the regard it deserves. I told you what happens ( often) believe it or not I dont give a stuff and find your arrogant manner annoying and selective in the memory area.
  11. Agreed. But predictable. Don't start bringing facts in to it.
  12. A very typical and predictable response. Try telling the troops on the ground what the ivory tower inhabitants want then because it is NOT being carried out. As for the non payment we need a facility where offending vehicles are lifted. Believe me it works.
  13. It is currently illegal. That's good enough for me.
  14. It is established that vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking fags.
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