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  1. same idiots, same jobs, different name on their payslips that MAY have increased to represent their increased role.
  2. Having read the release from sypte and looked at the facts this is beyond any doubt totally misleading and I think intentionally so. There will NOT be a reduction of 1/3 of bus services at all. There will be a loss of JOURNIES on 1/3 of tendered JOURNIES. The intentional implication that this is the fault of the operators is a typical attempt from the PTE to divert blame for their own incompetence. And these people want full control of the buses. The grant that was given to all local authorities to try and get people back on buses after covid is ending but since it was spent on projects to win votes rather than actually do what it was intended for they are cutting services to prop up these vote winners for their political masters. This has to be the worst case of PTE abuse in recent years. BE VERY AFRAID OF THESE IDIOTS.
  3. A superiority complex coupled with dillusions of adequacy and the ability to ignore facts that are too complex for a person like him to understand. I also have not wanted him/ her/it removed. To much fun can be had reading this drivel.
  4. we are currently reaping the benefits of the amnesty that allowed previously banned muppets back on the forum so they can run it back down again.
  5. And that clearly proves you are not interested in discussions, just reactions. Pretty much to be expected from people like you.
  6. try asking the owners of the bridge, like you they dont seem to listen
  7. That bridge has been hit by many many more HGV's than buses. So you are no longer an HGV driver ? That means you are a member of the general public. I rest.
  8. Interesting that the same bridge has been hit by 10 times as many HGV's than buses but facts that dont support your biased agenda are best ignored.
  9. Just to bring things up to date, the driver has faced disciplinary action but that is not finished so no further comment on that. The bus has returned to the builders for repair as it was far too young to be scrapped and despite the "expert Opinions" the damage was not as bad as first impressions can give. This bridge has been hit on multiple occasions and on each occasion the incorrect markings were raised. It remains as it was. The driver was not from Sheffield depot and did not know the area or the route and the bridge was incorrectly marked. No further comments to make until the full course of investigations has completed.
  10. Yep, our "experts" seem to have got it wrong - AGAIN 90% of roof salvageable, main issue is window pillars and front dome. - Obviously.
  11. All the above employers clearly give a toss about presentation or staff protection at work and provide their staff with appropriate uniforms. It is clear that Wetherspoons do not, so the staff wear what they want to. Remember there are some that think exposing you to next weeks washing while you dine is classy. That is the class of place you choose to eat at.
  12. But was it as far down as Wetherspoons? I doubt it. They had to fit a new bottom rung on the ladder just for them.
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