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  1. busdriver1

    Potential Bus driver strike - First

    When you are aware of ALL the details rather than selective snippets.....................
  2. busdriver1

    What do Buses smell of?

    To answer the original question. Buses smell of an amalgamation of the passengers who use them. Short of making all passengers take an odour test prior to travelling there is little that can be done. Yes buses are cleaned on a daily basis and any with strong odours are deep cleaned but then they go out and get the same people on again.
  3. busdriver1

    Potential Bus driver strike - First

    Do you think tramlines is even remotely of interest in this dispute? This is more about Unite the (alleged) union continuing its long standing efforts to have a go at First for any reason at any time. Facts do not come in to it and Unite have a long track record of telling lies, miss representing truths and distorting facts in their long standing campaign. And before anyone says anything I am not anti union but I am very strongly anti unite whose aim is to drag us back to the 70's and run everything their way. The best resolution for this would be for the membership to wake up and join a reputable union. There are plenty to choose from.
  4. A representation of the era the council live in?
  5. busdriver1

    Potential Bus driver strike - First

    The maths does not add up though. With SYPTE fleecing operators at every turn with a bit off the top, a bit off the side and a bit off the bottom, councils bringing in "clean air" zones that exclude the true polluters but target buses and everything that keeps the life of the city flowing, forcing bus companies to spend money they dont have to try and run a business. I would love to see both companies call their bluff and de-register their entire networks and see what they can do. I bet the rules would be changed overnight.
  6. I would have thought there would be loads in bargain bins at the moment.
  7. busdriver1

    Potential Bus driver strike - First

    Having driven buses in Sheffield in the past, I can only say, they could never pay me enough to put up with the crap that bus drivers have to put up with from passengers. Any grief from the management is secondary to that.
  8. busdriver1

    Potential Bus driver strike - First

    Or maybe they are not vetting applicants properly first. There are plenty staff there who come in, do their job well and go home and have done for years.
  9. busdriver1

    Buses to Scraithwood, Sheffield 5

    Well I would bet they are not getting cut back because they are running full and making money. Pubs and Clubs are closing, cheap supermarket beer and a smoking ban may well have a part to play. Massive outlays on low floor vehicles to comply with new legislation and the PTE retaining money that is owed to bus companies has a part to play as well. Now the council want bus operators to lay out more on lower emissions vehicles whilst ignoring the biggest polluters of all - Aircraft. The bus industry is on its knees and the main reason is political interference.
  10. busdriver1

    Buses to Scraithwood, Sheffield 5

    Its nice to see professional unbiased advice being given out. Did he also explain that it is (under the road traffic act) illegal to run a service at a loss and the responsibility for providing socially desirable services falls to the PTE where it grinds to a halt? Yes, bus services in the main are run as a business and as such they are fully entitled to expect a return for their outlay i the same way any other business would. Cue the " I used to travel 50 miles for 2p" brigade.
  11. Congratulations on finding what you think is your answer.
  12. The vast majority of Buses in Europe are in fact state run and operated under contract. Some of those contracts are held by British companies but most are held by state controlled operators.
  13. Really? I have worked in the area of claims against bus companies and its scary. Centre door claims are one of the highest in London where they still maintain this outmoded system. But there again, I have no doubt that in certain parts of Europe etc etc etc ..........yawn. Oh and yes, in a commercial environment like we have here there is a responsibility to collect fares unlike in Europe where buses are run as a burden to all irrespective of use. I wonder at times why our country is so attractive to foreigners if it is so bad.
  14. But this isnt the 70's anymore. Times change and local authorities have seen fit to cater only for dingle door buses at bus stops. One major factor was the amount of claims against them when they ran the buses for centre door accidents.
  15. Two door buses would not be practical in South Yorkshire, the entire infrastructure is set up for single door buses. Bus stations and Bus stops only have a single width entry point and the cost of rectifying this would be massive.

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