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  1. That is correct, and believe me its good news. This is the light at the end of the tunnel
  2. I will make a prediction here and now. There will at best be 75% of the previous service provision with the tram system being thrown back to SYPTE to run. The PTE on top of that will have even less money to support socially desirable services and support the tram system. Fares will rise and patronage will fall and the circle will continue. . . . .
  3. Dont tell me youre the first person who hasnt heard they are considering an early re-tender as Stagecoach are getting cold feet.
  4. I am sure that Stagecoach are using the current situation to get themselves out of the mess they are in around that area. The SL services were introduced as an assault on the then 57/8 run by first and to prop up the tram operation along the way. It was a partial success and in the revision of services First took the decision to pull their services as they were less viable because of Stagecoaches actions. The Sheffield Bus partnership however decided that the 57/8 should remain and only stagecoach was willing to operate it. They then found themselves effectively in competition with themselves. Something that must have amused First no end. The current situation and the inevitable complete revision of services to be offered post covid has given them the opportunity to find a way out of the mess they are in. Also with the re-tendering of the tram franchise in the near future the long view suggests that NOT putting all their eggs in the tram basket is the sensible long term plan. I would find it funny if First won the tram franchise and decided to put on a tram feeder route though To be fair, another example of a service that was completely unsustainable being culled under the covid revisions. The service has actually had its own form of social distancing in place from day 1 with max loadings being no more than about 10 on a good day. I am sure we will see a few more like this as the industry takes stock and re-introduces only what is needed and long term speculation on services like this one ceases.
  5. Strange and sad to note that as yet there are no social distancing measures being introduced by TM travel.......
  6. Oooo selective snipping ( My previous council employment coming out 😀) Lets just get this said and then we can appreciate exactly how it works. Councils employ for a lesser wage, those that are not up to working in private industry, that is the way of the world, Always has been. They stay there because well, where else would they go? They get very good at avoiding difficult situations because they have to. They always use the get out of blaming the elected officials and telling us they can be voted out. Yes, they can, but the council employees remain because its very hard to replace them with good staff who wont work for the money on offer. The elected officials look to these employees for guidance and get what they pay for. I worked for a council, I know the way it works, always has done and probably always will. That is why no matter who we elect we will always get the same shambolic schemes because its the same underperformers coming up with them. We are in a rut and there is ne real way out of it.
  7. Major Difference. i am not spending a fortune of everyone's money to prove that point.
  8. Typical response, cutting out the point I make that I think we all know who does not have the answers. That course in avoiding issues is paying off ANYWAY, Getting bored of the usual drivel so off out to social distance
  9. I did not compare Dunstable to Sheffield, you in your own view decided that. I was simply pointing out how we can rely on consultants. I have never claimed to have the answers, A point I clearly made in another post that you have decided not to quote. What I am saying is very clearly there are some in charge who do not either. Waits for the usual response.
  10. They can afford anything that suits them as long as it is to their liking. The public come second or third depending on your view. Lets build a nice ring road that will take all the traffic out of the city centre then put so many traffic lights and junctions on it that it becomes a massive bottle neck for all. That will work, and just in case it does actually speed things up we can keep putting road works in and constantly change the junctions just in case somebody actually had a speedy journey once. I do not claim to have all the answers but I am damn sure I know who hasn't.
  11. I am sure councils run courses on avoiding difficult questions or avoiding points that disprove their "theories".
  12. So by default, you are saying they have got it right then. OK maybe no money for training courses but money there for consultants. Hmmm I recall when I lived there in Dunstable they brought in a consultant to "Improve" the traffic in the town. The resultant revisions cost over £5 million and straight away it was obvious that they had got it very wrong. It was admitted that he had not visited the area and the last 3 projects he had consulted on had all been complete disasters but, he was cheap. Within 3 weeks the work was undone and traffic started moving again. Good these consultants aren't they?
  13. The answer is quite simple. They don't really care. They have attended courses run by people who are "experts" in traffic management and the value of this work is evident by the free flowing nature of traffic in citys today. They counter criticism by saying that all citys have the same issues. This is true, but what is also true is that those same citys sent their staff on the same courses on how to deal with it with the same predictable results. Large areas of city centres have become ideal places for the fit and healthy whilst the less able are confined to those areas they can manage to get access to by public transport that has to counter these restrictions and suffer the congestion caused by them. Since several of the officers who come up with these schemes often dont actually live or work in the affected areas they dont really care. Yes the city centre will become a bit nicer for some. For others they will see it quite rightly as another nail being banged into the coffin of Sheffield city centre.
  14. Please remember, a lot of these changes are for the duration of the Covid 19 outbreak and do not necessarily represent the service that will be provided afterwards, although there will be a lot of changes from the Pre Covid 19 services that is certain.
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