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  1. One of the problems is that a lot of pensioners seem to think they have paid into a savings scheme that they can now draw from. The problem is it couldnt be further from the truth. What they have paid for was the travel concessions at that time. Those concessions were a lot less generous than those in force now and those are being funded by the current working population and its costing a lot of money
  2. HahAhahahahaha You clearly do not read comments before replying to them. How can you judge my attitude when you dont know me? Just fitting me into your perception you have built up to make everything everyone elses fault. To save you the trouble here is a brief re-cap. I did for a short while drive buses in Sheffield but stopped as the attitude of the public was not good. I, unlike them, was never rude. I, unlike them was never ignorant. Tell me how your comments can be based on "drivers like me"? Drivers like me dont work there and it is because of rude and ignorant people who blame everyone else rather than look in a mirror.
  3. Dont worry, you may not pick up ormster 😂😂
  4. My comments are based solely on my experience dealing with people like YOU
  5. That is EXACTLy the attitude Thanks to him for providing such a good example. Sadly he is not alone by any means
  6. Couldnt agree more . I have driven buses in the past all over the country including London and the worst place by far for the bad attitude of passengers is Sheffield. Like you say some of these "Experts" should try it. I would give them half a day at most.
  7. Nail on the head there.The public in Sheffield are one of the main reasons companies can not attract or retain staff. I for certain would never drive a bus there.
  8. When adl went bust a while ago stagecoach had issues with spares but to be fair the issues with spares these days is not a major one as most units are bought in from outside producers. So it's just a case of going to those producers instead. The claim made by first about the difficulty in obtaining spares was just a smokescreen to hide the major internal issues currently being experienced by that operator.
  9. The annual winge, councils have tried and failed, they were followed in some areas by PTE's who tried and failed, however the cynic in me believes that IF the council ran the buses there would be wholesale changes to road layouts , priorities and restrictions.
  10. With good initial planning, it could have been thousands every hour, poor planning got poor end results
  11. I suspect you are right. From my experience, a complaint to an operator is more likely to get results, more so if there are enough of them. Persevere is the word.
  12. In my experience it is rife all over the city, but, since revenue protection is now a low priority will remain so. TBH they have bigger problems at the moment, say no more.
  13. Since concessions are normally carried at a loss that should not make much difference, in fact services could be more profitable but there are more and more mobility passes waiting to fill the void.
  14. That depends on a formal request being sent and very often they are not. Until they are the tram / tramtrain tickets can not be accepted.
  15. As has been mentioned, the London system is illegal and also has the advantage of not taking actual fares from debit cards at the point of use and that is where the slow down occurs. The oyster system certainly did have flaws in it. When I worked there during its development, when a failure rate of 25% was achieved, it was decided that was good enough to roll it out. I know it got better but is still only about 90% successful. Hence TfL are in such a poor way financially.
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