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  1. Poor ticket sales for a show next year. Really? Not everyone books the day tickets are released.
  2. My local doctors have not had any staff in regular attendance for a year now. Even the receptionist is working from home. I needed some antibiotics for an ongoing issue so was prescribed some over the phone. They made things worse as they were not suited to my condition, and I wound up calling 999 with severe breathing difficulties ( not covid) . I have given a urine sample ( they open reception for an hour a day for this) I am still waiting the results a week later and am in pain . We need something doing, people are getting more ill as a result of this. In a global pandemic where people are getting ill shutting down the first medical point of contact is not a clever idea. We need steps putting in place to keep doctors safe but they need to see people.
  3. I tend to agree that an online petition is highly unlikely to make a difference. It does give people a chance to register their views. At the end of the day, this whole episode has brought Sheffield to the attention of the Media as a City where intolerance of those who hold different views of comedy to their own. To some people his style of comedy may seem outdated particularly if they are not aware of his more recent material. His comedy has continually evolved over the years, I saw him in the 1970's and none of that material would be used in a current show. The show was scheduled for next year so 300 refunds at this early stage is actually quite a good uptake. Be sure of this, the venue would have been full, but that is all academic now. His fans will now visit another city and spend their cash there. All this for a show that nobody would have been forced to attend and would have brought happiness to local people as well as those silly enough to attend this horrible city. We often see posts on here asking why Sheffield is behind other cities. .......................................
  4. In an interview on Radio Humberside today Chubby says he cant understand the ban, he has been filling the same venue for 30 years. Like I said previously he has encountered booking problems in the South Yorkshire area in the past. Looks like we now know where certain people have gone. The background to this is in his book.
  5. wrong on every level, you know what they say about assuming. Paranoid when looking down the barrel of a gun? yeah right.
  6. My experiences of gun crime and racism on the streets of Sheffield has been well documented on here. Not something I wish to keep reliving any more than I do already thanks.
  7. Given his previous issues round performing in Sheffield I doubt he will be back. I am proud to say I have been a fan of his for some 45+ years but would not have gone to see him in Sheffield as I value my personal safety. I did see him not long ago in St Albans and he brought the house down.
  8. I will not boycott the city hall. I don't go into Sheffield in the grounds of personal safety so boycotting anywhere in Sheffield is pointless. That's great. You obviously haven't seen his shows. To say he is racist is amusing. He attacks everybody irrespective of race colour or religion. English white people get a really hard time. When you say modern standards I assume you mean not funny.
  9. The drive green system as fitted to all first buses will pick this up and will be recorded against the offending driver(s). It can also show idling hot spots (places where buses are frequently left idling) You do not need specific bus numbers / times they are all there. For various reasons both companies do not regularly check into this but on receiving a complaint with time and area could quite easily find the offender(s) and as a minimum give a warning. Nor are they suitable for 2 people but that didnt stop one being used by 2 people - one of whom died as a result.
  10. Can we assume from this that there is nothing combustible left at the ski village? As far as I can tell it has been closed for over 12 months
  11. So because you dont like him you think everyone should be denied the ability to see him? How very tolerant of you Chubby does not just attack islam. NOTHING is safe, and I mean NOTHING. Lots of White and Christian people get it in the neck from him, Is it racist to poke fun at every religion and race?
  12. Perhaps if you were to contact the relevant company they could then look into it as I doubt they will be on here. They actually do take this seriously but cant be everywhere.
  13. Fuel use will be minimal, a diesel ticking over uses hardly anything. There are next to no contracts apart from a vanishing few, freeing up money for fact finding missions.. First buses are set to cut out after 2 minutes, stagecoach rely on the drivers doing it
  14. If you read his book you will find that he already has a dislike for the area going back many years and all this will have done is cement that feeling. The welcoming nature of local folks is exposed in there and he pulls no punches ( as you would expect) in his explanation of just how welcoming some folks were. At least he will have gained some new material from this and boy will he use it. Good to see Sheffield being put on the map.
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