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  1. That is what the companies are saying but the problem is deeper rooted than that. Covid has just made things worse for a while.
  2. Sorry but she is a politician, do you expect honesty and integrity from them?
  3. Sheffield has some of the lowest fares in the country so hardly paying through the nose for them. As for the delays etc, talk to SCC who have on more than one occasion entered into agreements to ease the traffic problems for bus operators and on exactly the same number of occasions failed, and in some cases made things worse. Given the way staff are treated and the companies are treated I would say you have a better service than you deserve. i.e. you have a service at all. From the initial de-regulatioon of buses in 1986 SCC and SYPTE have made it their goal to make the bus system less than useless in order to further their political aims of having control again despite them making a hash of it last time.
  4. Sorry but what planet are you on? Sheffielders want brand new buses, every 3 minutes with polite staff that will not object to being insulted and abused and a maximum 10p fare. AND a bus to every stop in the county from their front door. Everything else is just profiteering and needs stamping out
  5. the reason they interwork services is to save money as it is normally cheaper that way. If the services become unreliable its a false economy though. Biggest issue is that very few services in Sheffield make any money and most lose. Catch 22.
  6. went there once after getting recommended to go. Frozen fish cooked too hot and fast, batter nearly burnt and fish raw. needless to say I havent been back.
  7. Credit to them for trying but in all honesty services through this area failed during times of lower car ownership and no pandemic so its not really a great surprise but a sad shame.
  8. we have a bin specially for recycling paper. Never lets me down
  9. They are part of Lincolnshire's operation and have a different union.
  10. Yes and trade training. Works every time. And despite the barrack room lawyers saying jts not duress several judges have said it is and I know who I believe.
  11. For decades the haulage industry has been taking the cheap way out and making drivers pay for and even source their own tests and lessons. The bus industry (bigger than small operators) has always trained their own hence why they are not in as much trouble. Pay is not the major issue, as someone who worked in the industry for years that isnt even in the top 10 of most staff very true, also true is that it is non enforceable by law if you go about it the right way. to the best of my knowledge they have never thrown one back unlike the other 2
  12. Being honest I dont see First Changing hands in the near future. They have seeen all the predatory strikes off, got rid of their major money pits ( London and the USA) are investing in new buses where the local authorities will work with them and sent all the older displaced ones to places where the local authorities work against them (gosh didnt we gat a lot). They have restructured to a point where local management seem to be getting to grips and actually care. (and unlike Stagecoach and National Express they havent screwed up the East Coast Rail franchise. 😁).
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