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  1. I drive that journey couple of times a year and using the train just does not come in to it. You forget that once there people may not ( like me ) just stay at the same place for the duration of their stay. I use my car a lot whilst up there and to be honest the drive is not that bad. One stop is sufficient for me and I find the door to door time is not that different.
  2. Vectis are good for mint / boxed, less than that they are not so good. I repeat, most dealers at toy fairs buy from auctions so by going direct you can possibly get a better deal. Especially if they are not mint / boxed.
  3. Exactly, the dealers at toy fairs buy most of their stock at toy auctions so a better price may be gained that way. The downside is they may well just cherry pick and leave you with a lot of fairly average / undesirable models. If so. put them on ebay and they will sell.
  4. They award tenders on a cost basis, operators indicate what type of vehicles they plan to use and the decision is made. SYPTE are facing severe financial difficulties to the degree I believe they have even cut back on "fact finding" visits. At the end of the day, if the locals park in such a way that a bus ( same size as a fire engine) can not get through perhaps the locals need to look at why their buses sometimes cant get through.
  5. There is supposed to be, if the contractors that keep them up to date have got all the changes done.
  6. Your reasoning is understandable but not quite right. SYPTE who oversee these tendered services and are very good at it - ON PAPER. The problem is, most of these people are not and never have been bus users and look at services purely as a numbers game. Area X needs a service so divert serve xxx to serve that area = problem solved. The fact that the resulting service is far too long and passes through several know pinch points never even cracks the top 10 because they dont understand things like that. My area suffered from exactly the same problem, this was not actually an SYPTE **** up, this was a First one, but, as their staff go on the same courses to learn how to plan services it is to be expected. The service in my area does not now exist as when Rotherham Depot closed it was too difficult to operate it reliably from Sheffield so it was dumbed down to the point where it was even less use than before. This was done by missing out certain areas. (The ones where people actually used it). The bus industry is populated by number crunchers who would not be able to pick out a bus in an identity parade and certainly have never been on one.
  7. Changes imminent for this service, after telling us what a good job they were going to do when "rescuing" this service, Stagecoach have withdrawn from the tender and it is being rescued by Hulleys. Minor timetable changes will also take place, presumably the cancellation of the Meadowhall extension that was tried and failed when TM ran it.
  8. The quality is no worse than most other places unless you work to very different standards. A lot of what is sold is just overrun from large producers and is exactly the same as they sell, Some is near the end of date but perfectly ok.
  9. If you really think the fares in Sheffield are extortionate you need to travel a bit more. They are some of the lowest in the country.... As for the reliability of the services, talk to the PTE and the council, They are the ones who control the traffic systems including the policing of vehicles parked in bus lanes on Abbeydale road on a regular basis but do nothing about it. No company can run a reliable bus service in a Town like Sheffield without the authorities stepping up and playing their part.
  10. When you are having a go at a guy just doing his or her job and refuse point blank to accept any idea other than your own twisted view of life. Just for once accept that not every ill in the world is the fault of a bus driver. I know that is the Sheffield way but try for once to be normal eh?
  11. The answer is simple, the world must run around after the likes of lazarus and mind read them whilst they get wet nursed at every stage of their lives not taking responsibility for any part of their lives.
  12. When I did drive buses I have often seen groups at bus stops and stopped for them only to be told they didnt want the bus, so, contrary to your assertion it DOES happen. Coaches have never stopped there? are you sure? There is a first time for everything even a deedaa admitting they are wrong. - no just kidding that will never happen I do not sully myself and visit sheffield so for that reason and a multitude of others it could not have been me. (another being I dont drive buses) If one person did manage to raise their arm - that can be checked on cctv and if found to be correct can and will be acted on.
  13. The drivers do not type in the destinations, they are pre-set by the operator and he selects from what there is. As stated, there are no compulsory stops inside or outside london, the difference is that in London they still choose to observe these stops that were put in near water troughs to let the horse have a drink. I believe even in |London this is no longer needed. So 12 passengers wait for a bus and cant be arsed to put their hands out for it and the drivers an idiot? They could be waiting to meet someone getting off a bus or waiting to go on a coach trip or any other amount of things. The majority of drivers I have met are not very good at mind reading. Try meeting them halfway eh? Is it really such a hardship to raise an arm? Not to mention MANNER TOPπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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