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  1. Oh an expert. Are you aware that springs are not painted before fitment and as such will show signs of rust from about 1 week after fitment? This is no way impairs their performance and they have this designed in. They are held in place by gravity so when a train wagon falls on its side like this there is nothing to prevent it from coming free from its mounting. The wellbeing of any rolling stock is checked on a regular basis and potentially defective ( not not just defective) vehicles are set aside until repaired and re tested. A family member of mine is involved in investigations of this nature and actually investigated a few accidents not too long ago and without fail, all were due to trackwork / signalling issues, but hey lets just jump to conclusions based on political viewpoints eh?
  2. I think we can quite easily reverse that situation. How many People from this area know where Godalming or Harpenden are? How many are aware of the issues of living in a massive metropolis like Greater London? I have lived in both areas and can say that both areas have plusses and minuses. Ignorance of other areas is very common in both, and in my opinion slightly more justified in the South East where there is virtually everything you could need on your doorstep, The minuses are there though if we look closely. One that comes up often is the differences in local transport provision. Greater London is not that different in size to South Yorkshire but has approximately twice the population to fund that transport. To have a similar setup in South Yorkshire would therefore require a massive hike in subsidy's to gain the same level of service and remember that Londons population nearly doubles with commuters all of whom fund the transport through higher than average fares. Then take into account that Londons Transport system is haemorrhaging money. yes its great to have virtual on demand buses and tubes but the cost is astronomical. In return, our roads are much quieter in comparison and make car ownership more viable. Let me stay here with the current public transport. be careful what you wish for, the grass is not always greener on the other side. People here complain about areas like page Hall, try looking at some of the London suburbs, they make page hall look very leafy and desirable. To a degree yes, but, the higher wages get passed on resulting in higher prices and reduced real spending power. At the end of the day there are some jobs that are just simply low wage jobs come what may.
  3. Thats a shame and i am pleased to say is not my experience
  4. I have for many years now used TSB and they have retained branches with personal service. I love it and also find it useful to have interaction with staff. They have helped me when I did not know I had an issue in a way a machine can not and always get an answer there and then. The current trend towards less staff available for face to face is a self fulfilling prophecy as customers leave to get the service they want elsewhere rendering those banks less attractive to joe public.
  5. Well thats fine then, perhaps covid will decide not to travel with you. This is how we are heading for another lockdown with people finding loopholes to break the advice from people that know what they are talking about. As above
  6. Where do you live? If it is in South Yorkshire you can not travel out of the area. If you live in Derbyshire you can travel to snake pass but not Manchester or Sheffield
  7. They have but have stated categorically that they will not be used. I feel fairly sure one of their small single decks will be sufficient, certainly for now where nobody can use it other than within South Yorkshire or Within Greater Manchester but not between the 2 and not to intermediate points from either end. Be interesting to see if Hulleys enforce that.
  8. normally somebody has passed on there
  9. You are hell bent on finding a reason why I will hit and Kill somebody. Despite my assurances that in 50 years of driving I have never done so but have thankfully missed many close incidents. Sorry, but I put a large part of it down to hazard perception training. Because of my position I take at least one annually and as the pass mark is 100% and I pass every year. I put it to you that you should take one and learn from it and you will then find that most of your "what if" scenarios will disappear. It is plainly clear you have never taken one and YET AGAIN for the sake of all road users and pedestrians I urge you to take one as you are clearly not equipped in that area, and no this is not meant as an attack, just some advise to help you. PS I did not exclude teenagers. I excluded kids. To me 0 12 year olds Go on them amaze me, if you are going to start with people they are not vehicles mixing with others with a potential weapon. I sense the cycling community is not keen on being held accountable. Thanks I think we know why.
  10. At both ends 💩 They do fund some services but have managed to shirk most of their responsibilities there amongst many other things
  11. My record speaks for itself. No there is no need to travel at 5MPH you just read the road and take note of pedestrians.. There are thousands or more drivers who have never hit a pedestrian. Maybe they also keep a good lookout. But what about the under 18's? there are a massive amount there A link to one of many free hazard perception tests on line. LINK
  12. Hazard perception is now part of the theory test and has been for some time. I would dispute that most cyclists are drivers unless you are omitting teenagers. Being very serious here, You can do an online hazard perception test that is interactive and free, I would encourage anyone to do so. It can be a real eye opener. To give an example of how it worked for Me and a pedestrian. About 4 years ago I was going past Sheffield Rail station towards ponds forge. There were pedestrians gathering at the crossing so I slowed down. I saw in my nearside mirror a cyclist but could only see the top of his head and he was watching a speedo or something. I sounded the horn and the pedestrian nearest saw what was happening and stepped back. My sounding the horn caused the cyclist to apply his brakes hard and went straight over his bars. I saw the hazard and acted appropriately and prevented a pedestrian getting hurt. The cyclist did get hurt but that was self inflicted. I am aware that not all cyclists are like this but when I took mu CCTV to the police they said that until a registration scheme is introduced they have no way of tracing offenders.
  13. Simple. A speed where you can stop if they make a random movement. Yes, you are allowed to slow down
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