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  1. Doh, o well never mind, thanks anyway. You snooze you loose as they say. Starting a new job for german company so thought it may be beneficial to at least try and learn their langauge. Hopefully try and change the perception that english people are ingorant.
  2. I'm wanting to learn German, just wondering of someone could point me in the right direction ? Cheers Ben
  3. Does anyone know if there are any bars that will be showing Glory 54 or alternatively know how to be able to watch it either on TV or online
  4. Yes I mean needles. Knowing this forum if I had of said needles someone would piped up said don't you mean sharpes.
  5. Why is people have never got anything constructive to say. If I could of rung them when I posted the message then I would of. This is exactly why this forum is terrible it's because of idiots like you.
  6. I know this is a very old thread but does anyone know if Lloyds on London road will dispose of sharps. Can I just turn up with them or do i have to ring first to arrange it. They are in a sharps box just don't know what to do with them so there sat in the house collecting dust. Cheers Ben
  7. I have a Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 and would like to know what components I need to be able to connect it to a TV via HDMI. Assuming I need an USB adaptor for the tablet plus a cable with USB & HDMI plug on ? Cheers Ben
  8. Thought about kickboxing ? This gym is very good http://kapapsheffield.co.uk/
  9. Thanks for information i'll be sure to try this out and see how I get on.
  10. I have the pleasure of looking after my nephew for the evening tonight from about 5.30pm. I was trying to organise a game of football in the park but that has now unfortunately fell through due to illness and possibly the up coming weather. Has any one any ideas of some fun things to do with him ? I thought maybe the new cinema in town but apart from that i'm a bit stuck. He's 8 years old by the way. Any input would be useful, thanks
  11. Thanks for info, i'll stick to what i know for know then with a waggler or feeder rather than trying to be adventurous. I thought fishing was meant to be simple relaxing sport but the more I read the more my head starts to spin. There seems to be a 1000 ways to fish with a thousand different components and rigs, each one endorsed by a professional fisherman who says its the bets yet.
  12. Hi, Bit if a novice here so please bear with me as there may be some daft questions to follow I'm considering purchasing a rocket feeder for commercial waters. i'm wondering what rod to use with it. Do i just use my feeder rod that I use with my method feeder or will a match rod suffice ? Also from what i've read about the rig it tells me to use large loop to attach the rocket. Could I get away with quick stop bead and pre-tied hook length. Also when is the best time to use this method ? from what i've read so far fish tend to feed at the surface when the weather gets warmer. Would it work now or would it be best used in the height of summer ? Cheers Ben
  13. I'm happy to pay you for them. if you want to private message me and let me know where you are and how much then that would be great.
  14. Hi, I have some old negative photos of my grandad during WW2. I was just wondering if any one knew where I could get them printed and a rough cost. Would somewhere like Jessica do them or if anyone could recommend any other specialist shop that would be great. Thanks Ben
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