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  1. Some people just seem to want them to be chavs.
  2. I'm sure she's good at something, although it may not be suitable for tv.
  3. She is the spokes person for Hendersons Relish and Tinsley cooling towers.
  4. Just grown men reading comics is bad enough, wikkle baby wabies.
  5. I think you'll find the vandalism was caused by ordinary local kids and not as you say chavs.
  6. No it wasnt you, just a mess about with Cyclone who I'm sure is a decent sort. My little un very rarely kicks off at nursery but we let one of the neighbours kids on the garden to play with him last week and he taught him some right crap, proper rude stuff too, not necessarily swear words, stuff you dont really want a four year old talking about. The next day at school he repeated some of this stuff and got a little worked up over being brought to task about his language by one of the staff, chaos ensued.
  7. He already has a thing for parents.
  8. Then your opinion is wrong. My little un kicked off at nursery the other day and if I could I would have given permission to clip the little bleeder.
  9. I'm sure there are some at Foxhill somewhere.
  10. Went yesterday and there was some toe rag driving round and round the car park showing off his ridiculous turbo dump valve, he must have just got it for his birthday. We only wanted about a dozen items and they had none of those items left in stock so it was off to the real Asda at Handsworth. Before we left I decided to get some lagers in and I saw two of the fattest most tattooed numbnuts nature could spew up and they literally intimidated a handful of other customers into not buying any of the crates of lager that were on a pallet so they could buy them all themselves. Not sure if there is a limit on how many you can buy but these two fat wallets piled the last 12 crates into their two trolleys. Twenty minutes later we are in the car park heading back to our car and that turbo dump valve cretin was still driving around with his absurd and pointless hissing car. You can sort of tell just how chavvy a supermarket is by counting the number of Vauxhall Calibra's there are at any one time in the car park and I saw three at once, that has to be a modern day record. The best thing about the Asda at Parson Cross is the staff, they are all very nice.
  11. Exactly, you gave an opinion, not a point of view. I agree though, Handsworth is far better, and so is Chapeltown (just).
  12. I Think what is actually happening here is the Hendersons Relish syndrome
  13. What, you mean you dont like the Ra from Stargate look or the abundance of forehead ?
  14. Cocky scummers handing out the big stares, something I have never experienced in a supermarket before.
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