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  1. Shans does a brilliant job, very good prices and a 10 year guarantee. I have had all my cars done by him and most of the people I know who have tints have used Shan, never any problems to my knowledge.
  2. Yeah but you live in Hollywood or summat.
  3. I dont care who puts what in my bin as long as its not a dead dog or concrete.
  4. My finding that particular joke funny have no impact whatsoever on that persons injuries, when they do I'll stop laughing.
  5. I thought that film was crap, it had plenty of weak links, the main one being the toss pot Plan B.
  6. Not me mucker, I'm parson Cross born and bred.
  7. I hope I'm not at my firm for the rest of my life.
  8. The thing is I'm a massive Asda fan, I wont shop with anyone else, I keep giving Asda Parson Cross chances but I'm always disappointed.
  9. The staff are excellent, very friendly and helpful.
  10. I'll second that, I never use my sat nav now I have my Samsung Galaxy.
  11. 11 is a good age for your lad to start, it'll keep him fit and able to defend himself, you never know where he will end up, might be a great boxer. I have heard some good stuff about the Woods gym, and Rhodes too is a real nice fella.
  12. If your on facebook then Clinton Woods has a page that gives out details from time to time about his club. Glyn Rhodes also has a page with some details, his gym is the Sheffield Boxing Centre on Burton Street.
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