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  1. I agree, her beauty is only equalled by our other great queen Mrs Thatcher
  2. I hope so, if not there will be some very upset heroin users moping around in the rain.
  3. What about all the Eastern European spongers, Somalian spongers and all the other imported spongers we keep piling in to the country, can they go on the same boat.
  4. That is very funny, I loved it when they cut back to the studio from snoops bit and the news reader says "respect"
  5. Maybe they will use the time off to read up on some more health and safety rubbish to fuel their work shy attitude.
  6. I would think the most vocal on here nothing more than housebound oddballs.
  7. The protesters should fired on using live rounds.
  8. I'd say the views on this forum do not reflect the views of the nation in any way, shape or form.
  9. I once enforced my next doors cat, it involved some deep heat cream and cling film, not sure who enjoyed it the most.
  10. You must be totally exhausted heading that little crusade of yours Mel, you are like a broken record.
  11. I agree, they look ridiculous mixed in with modern city skylines.
  12. You would think with genetics they could breed birds without drumsticks.
  13. It was like a scene from Threads, only the target was Walking Street in Pattaya and not Sheffield
  14. From the detailed analysis I gave some of the stash it was hetero, gang and lesbian stuff, why did you have some nicked
  15. I once had a drive on to the Strines very very early in the morning and someone had dumped literally thousands of porn mags in front of a dry stone wall on the road, it was a truly massive collection. A few days later I drove past and there was porno pics as far as the eye could see blowing around in the wind
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