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  1. Good lad, just close your eyes and imagine I'm there.
  2. Exactly, imagine how bad things would be if there was nothing to temper the lefties.
  3. Those two old people in the ad are pointing at a real house and saying "I wish we lived in one of them".
  4. As for saying she isnt YOU DONT KNOW HER.
  5. Is that written on your mothers birth certificate
  6. Better ask the councillors though, the staff at Shirecliffe couldn't count to 7.
  7. I know a few people that live at Foxhill and some have had total nightmares up there, the ones who have not have certainly witnessed others having them though.
  8. Check to see if they prepare their fire in advance, if they do then sneak over the night before and cram their fire with things like camping gas aerosols and hilti gun cartridges, please film it for youtube.
  9. You are not too disabled to type, get an office job.
  10. Anything for the Royals, in fact I would have even accepted sacrifices of the unemployed for the titillation of her majesty.
  11. Me too, I'd love to have been there.
  12. I used to love doing them off the Tesco roof at Norwood
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