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  1. Sick in the extreme. Obviously the number of people who have are sociopathic is growing.


    I can't use the language I want to use in such circumstances as I'd have to ban myself.


    I agree totally, same can be said of the language, I'd be banned if I said what I think of this vile cretin.

  2. Sure it's been said before, but it's not a problem with the breed, it's stupid owners who don't control their dog, or worse, young idiots that want a vicious dog for "street cred".


    I had a drive round Dryden Road the other day and as usual it looked like a scene from Threads, I also couldn't believe the amount of kids around the 8 to 10 year old bracket who were being dragged around by Staffies. I feel sorry for the few decent people left up there who have been outnumbered by all the scummers that have moved in.

  3. Ha Ha Ha!!!


    Nice one AJ :D:D


    I just called at Blackstock with a carful from my old mums, it was shut when I got there (cold have sworn it was closed mon, tues and wednesday:confused: )


    I'll have to drop it in tomozz now :suspect:



    Biggsy :)


    I was only dumping grass and hedge cuttings though Biggsy, wouldn't fly tipping that be good for the environment :hihi:

  4. To be better than the angel of the north is no claim, a pile of randomly thrown rubbish can achieve that.


    I have no great feelings one way or the other about this, but, at least it has some relevance. The only thing I would say is that if it is facing meadowhall it should have its eyes raised heavenwards.


    I'd rather it be wearing a Lacoste t-shirt and eating a McDonalds.

  5. Yeah...lets spend ridiculous amounts of money on the olympic games in London!.....Sheffield really benefits from that!.....Lighten up for goodness sake!


    I do like the man of steel himself, it looks very very good. I would have liked to have seen something as big as the Angel of the North possibly on one of our big hills, maybe up where Shirecliffe college was, you could see that building from miles around.

  6. Oh...Perlease!!!....There's always one on here who's all too ready to throw insults!...Have a day off eh?


    I don't have the mindset of an infant. What I meant was the towers were always a signal coming up or down the motorway that you had reached Sheffield....a 'landmark' http://www.thefreedictionary.com/landmark


    Fortunately we progressed from that old school rubbish and our new landmark, and one to be proud of is Meadowhall.

  7. Could be worse - the teams could be composed of Jimmy Carr, Alan Carr, Harry Hill and Ricky Gervais *shudder*


    All of the above are terrible but Alan Carr is the most horrific thing ever to be linked to humor, in fact he should be shot at point blank range with his own freeze dried bobbar.

  8. Looks great. We need a landmark to replace the towers and this looks the part. They should do it instead of the eon planned replacement and pool their money.ive not seen what eon are proposing yet but i like this alot. They had better alarm it up well though or itll be crawling with scrapthieves with oxy-aceteline torches in no time!! Would probably be a better time to build it when the price of steel drops so its cheaper anyway.


    The towers were not a landmark, they were a waste of land, unless you have the mindset of an infant.

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