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  1. I only got charged £3.00 yesterday, but I guess it’s on distance. I’ve heard they charge less than the National companies and a figure of 20%. No idea if this is correct though,
  2. I’d have thought the student population percentage has dropped in all areas outside the centre over the past 5 or 6 years as students migrate into the city centre. I bought a town house in Broomhill that 3 years ago had 8 medical students. In the two years I’ve been here I’ve noticed a drop in numbers. The current situation may push more private landlords to sell or move to normal rentals.
  3. I’m born and bred in S2, left Sheffield at 18 and have spent 20 years in London, I brought my young family back home nearly 2 years ago. I now live in S10. There’s a lot to like about Sheffield and it’s a better place than I left in the mid 90’s without a doubt in my mind. We haven’t looked back after the move, and My South African wife loves it here. People are definitely more outwardly warm and friendly here, but also more closed minded and a more xenophobic (as a big generalisation). I loved london and and my experience is that as you scratch below the surface, people are just as friendly. I found huge differences in the people in different areas of London. I never spoke to my neighbours in Richmond, but in South East London, we’d have regular street parties.
  4. My wife and I visited last week on the recommendation of a friend. Highly recommend. One of the best meals I’ve had in Sheffield. We shared 6 dishes and that was a lot. The croquettes alone were pretty filling (and good).
  5. Hi Albert, George is my dad. He moved to Lincolnshire and bought a pub in more relaxed area in the mid 90’s 😊. He’s 75 now. I had a few pints with him at the weekend, he’s still down there.
  6. I drive past Balfron a few times a week and don’t find either ascetically attractive. I once walked through the Alexandra estate and really liked that, it reminded me of the old Hyde Terrace a little bit. One Kemble Street is nice.
  7. Not really relevant, I’d doubt many architects of large projects live in them or even the place they are built.
  8. Agreed, I grew up there and I think it’s beautiful. I haven’t seen a better example of brutalist architecture even in London. I think Urban Splash have done a great job with the first section.
  9. Interesting topic. I’m Sheffield born and bred, I’ve spent the last 18 years living and working in Central London. My wife and I have made the decision to move back (she’s not English) to Sheffield, we have a young daughter. Both of us have had to take jobs based outside Sheffield because of the lack of well paid opportunities. So I echo what many have said. On a separate note, the outlook of the typical Sheffieldier is pretty negative and I notice the difference in reading my local London Internet forum and this. Sheffield’s got many positives from a lifestyle perspective. The city looks a lot better than when I grew up here in the 80’s and early 90’s. I can’t wait to move back in March.
  10. Haha The wife is not English (South Africa) she loves Sheffield, but she's never lived anywhere else other than London (in the U.K.) we have lots of Cafes, independent shops etc around us. She understands Sheffield will be different, but a bit of that might help. I want to be close to the peaks. She might do a few days of work in London, Leeds or Birmingham each month, but motorways not an issue. Millhouses is definitely somewhere I know a little bit and like. Close (not too close) to Ecclessall Road would be good for bars and restaurants (we go out a fair bit) and I'd considered Ecclesall? Dore, Fulwood and Ranmoor also seem like good options, but I don't really know them.
  11. Really appreciate the suggestions and it's probably helped me to narrow down the search a bit. Interesting re suggestion on the north side of Sheffield. I haven't really looked at that. My preconception of Dore is that its older and maybe less families.
  12. Thanks Verona, it was on my list. I haven't been down there for years, but have some very fond memories of going to the Lido with my grandparents (I know it went years ago) I'll definitely have a look around Millhouses when I'm up in a couple of weeks.
  13. Firstly apologies, I know this is well trodden theme, but I'll ask anyway. I'm Sheffield born and bred, I left Sheffield and moved to London when I finished college. After 17 years in London I'm now thinking of moving home. I've got some ideas ideas, but my knowledge of the South West side of Sheffield is limited. I grew up on Park Hill flats, so pretty much spent my childhood in the centre or S2. I need to try and narrow down my search, I'm coming up in a couple of weeks to look at places. Ive got a young family, Ideally good schools, few cafes and pub, pretty green ish area. Budget shouldn't be too much of an issue as I'm selling a house in London. Thoughts appreciated?
  14. I think this is a relatively accurate reflection on the city. I'm Sheffield born and bred. I'm 40 now with a young family and thinking of moving back after 20 years in London. There are loads of things I love about the City, the people being one (warm and humorous). That said, I find attitudes often negative or inward looking. In my lifetime I've seen the other major northern cities develop, whilst we've been left behind. ---------- Post added 17-07-2017 at 02:16 ---------- What was the city doing for the 30 years before 2008?
  15. I was referring more on a national level. I left Sheffield at 18 and in London (where i've lived) seeing similar period buildings is common. I can't think of too many buildings of (think the term is "brutalist" architecture). An example in London would probably be the Barbican. I don't particularly like the look of it, but can't imaging that locals would suggest it be demolished. A common topic on the Forum is about Sheffield's lack of Profile, buildings like Park Hill (when hopefully refurbished) will help to provide this. As I said, I wouldn't want the Jessop's building to go but I do believe that Park Hill is more unique.
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