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  1. Drop it in at work, i'm sure they can sort it. Doh!
  2. Should read Sheffield man. Born and raised in Sheffield, has lived in Sheffield most of his life with a few years in Spain and Barnsley, but most of his life in Sheffield. 95% of those who know him, will live in Sheffield.
  3. How much would you imagine this job would pay? To provide assistance to the IT Team Leader with any and all aspects of IT. To assist where possible employees with any IT issues arising, including mobile phones This list is designed to provide an overview of the tasks required to be carried out within the remit of this role. It is not intended to be exhaustive. - Provide technical assistance and support to staff across the company on an ad-hock / as required basis. - Trouble-shoot problems in the use of computers, systems and peripheral devices. Isolate, diagnose and implement solutions. - Maintain the function of PCs and peripherals - Maintain and update computer systems - Install software, upgrades, enhancements and revised functions - Document work to provide an ongoing record of system enhancements, changes, repairs, equipment / software malfunctions etc. - Relocate hardware as required and/or directed. - Refer to and confer with appropriate party when complex malfunctions occur; and track the problem until it has been resolved. - Maintain system security for e-mail and file shares. - Maintain cleanliness of hardware as appropriate and carry out preventive maintenance schedules as required. - Configure, install and upgrade user hardware as required - Perform system backups and monitor computer environment as directed. - Evaluate and make recommendation for new hardware, software and related equipment taking into account functionality and fit to current operating environment. - Monitor and resolve network problems. - Maintain inventory of hardware. - Maintain company mobile phones, and deal with issues any arising from them Other related duties as required.
  4. It's a good deal, don't forget if you sign two people up with your link, you get your ticket for free. ---------- Post added 12-02-2013 at 16:14 ---------- Nearly 1.5k sold on this deal already, looking at that.
  5. Someone said mosque. I hope not, or it will be two times in quick succession that a building on that location is flattened.
  6. What really makes my blood boil is the absurd deployment of staff on the 52 route to "check" on drivers. for what must be around £8 per hour every day, so minimum £64 per day they monitor the busses at one checkpoint in town, to be specific on the wicker. Now, I don't know how many busses are on the 52 route, but for £60 per bus PER YEAR they could have these vehicles tracked automatically. Probably giving much more advanced statistics (such as when drivers illegally wait 6-7 minutes at a stop with their engine running. when they have got ahead of their schedule etc) but no, let's not get with the times and let's employ a person who will fudge the figures because it's their colleagues they would be ratting on.
  7. The thing is that stairlifts are pretty much non standard every time. Think of all your friends houses, are any staircases the same dimensions? A long time ago a family friend got one scoped out by Clark and Partners who have already been mentioned here. Unfortunately his health deteriorated far too fast and we didn't go ahead with the stairlift, but in going through the process with the guy who came out (Derek, I think?) I now appreciate how each circumstance is different. A second hand stairlift in all chances won't be fit for purpose in anything other then the exact same kind of house. I would advise this, go to a few different places for a price and see who talks most sense in your eyes. It's a lot of money but Sheffield has some good local suppliers who will do the quality stuff like Stannah so don't rush into anything. Edit: If any company tries the hard sell, just say no straight away. I was always told I could walk away at any point and even offered advice on other aspects of my friends health needs, and because of this to this day he is still a customer of Clark and Partners for other requirements, even though he never got the stairlift in the end.
  8. Without a doubt, he'll have had offers in double figures and probably be waiting for a three figure offer bid.
  9. I have stumbled upon one of these, almost identical apart from it runs Dos and Win 3.11 and mine onlyl has 4mb of Ram. This has been in a working environment up until very recently, but only used once or twice a month hence why it still works. Even the touchscreen and pen still work a treat, the battery is dead and won't hold any kind of charge at all though. I'm thinking of sticking it on ebay myself, but I'm sure no one else would be interested in such an old laptop now for anything other then nostalgia. Or am I wrong?
  10. How is the home following, for what should be the biggest date for a home side in the footballing calendar year?
  11. Oh my, such horrendous ignorance, or is it just plain stupidity? Either way, if you need proof, go and smoke yourself dead!
  12. Smokers do not allow this. Should be banned full stop. It is anti social, and even long after a smoker has put a fag out, they stink to high heaven. Often the smokers in "open spaces" are still smoking illegally too, and they don't like being told that they are doing so. It's a disgusting habit that should be illegal in this more enlightened age anyway.
  13. Absolutely. If you work for these people, be prepared to be called scum every day of your working life until you leave.
  14. One small point. The Tevez Money was allocated a long time ago. It was spent a long time ago. The fact you haven't received it in full yet is by the by. It is already gone even before the end of last season and your fate for another season in the 3rd tier was confirmed.
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