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  1. sabbath18

    Help wanted! Can you take some pics?

    what kind of thing you looking for? i may be able to help or point you towards someone who will.
  2. Maybe because the cards are reusable yet people still get on board purchase a weekly card then throw it away at the end of the week only to purchase a new one the following week instead of reusing them
  3. I may be able to help,check my flickr page for some of my work( though not much wedding stuff on there) or give me a call and we could discuss your needs. 07905708484
  4. sabbath18

    Elinchrom studio set

    damn missed this what a generous offer. if its still available id be interested.
  5. if your a Facebook user have a look for a group called i just wanna tek good photos, they are a friendly bunch with members of all abilities . based in Sheffield with regular outings and all the help and advice you need.
  6. sabbath18

    Virgin media s5

    Are Amey doing any work near by,we had same problem last year.they had cut through cable
  7. sabbath18

    Notary solicitors ,help please.

    had a document notarized a couple of months ago at Graysons, expect to pay £50 -£60.
  8. sabbath18

    Family Portrait Photographer Wanted

    try Richard at: http://www.ucwhatic.co.uk/
  9. sabbath18

    Citywide bus passes

    about time they did away with buying these tickets from drivers,i moved over to smart card for my city bus monthly back in November call once a month to top up not a problem and i dont hold the bus up anymore. Happy days,just frustrating especially on a Monday when i need to catch a connecting bus and miss it because the driver had a dozen or so weekly passes to do .
  10. sabbath18

    Yew Lane Secondary Modern School

    Can anybody help,trying to find the meaning of the house name "AEGIL" .
  11. sabbath18

    Sheffield Bus Changes

    Has anybody heard when they will fix the trackers,apparently when they c#*ked up the whole system this was rendered virtually useless too.it would be great to see your bus is missing or running late......
  12. sabbath18

    Sheffield Bus Changes

    Its ok advertising all the changes,bloke behind me on bus this morning asked for a "city bus" week ticket to be told software not updated so not able to issue ticket.he had to settle for a city wide instead,come on "FIRST" sort it........
  13. sabbath18

    Photographer wanted

    try Richard at http://www.ucwhatic.co.uk/ very good with both children and pets.
  14. sabbath18

    Sheffield Bus Partnership update

    So when are we likely to start seeing maps and timetables for all these changes?
  15. Any body else experiencing problems with virgin services in Parson Cross/Southey area, no broadband or phone since yesterday(24.08.15)

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