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  1. I'm fairly certain this was a small carriage, like a posh cart for carrying one or two people. It looks like my version came first, cellar full turned into bellyfull, it just gets better!! Letting the new year in was known as first footing and meant to bring luck for the new year, some first footers would even rub coal dust on their face. I guess that the chimney sweep at the wedding was along the same lines.
  2. The one we had was - Happy New Year Happy New Year plenty of money and a cellar full of beer, a horse and a gig and a big fat pig to last you through the year. When I was younger, being tall dark & handsome (!) I was called on to let the new year in. After knocking on the door after the stroke of midnight, I had to intone the above, then put a piece of coal, which had been left outside on the window sill, on the fire and then propose a toast - to 19 whatever it was, health , wealth and happiness. Ah for the good old days!
  3. Or even - Arse laffta. core snot btw in context might be - does tha think Owls l win a satday? core snot! see if than can get arse laffta now
  4. Just found out, I should have remmebered though, The band I saw was Mickeys Monkeys, later to become Ponders End.
  5. Ow Abaht - E wer gerrin a bit stroppy so a lamptim or A cant shut dooer reight, must a gorrabit skellered or core snot
  6. Anuthergudden, tha deserves a prize, laft til tears ran dahn meleg.
  7. ahma dedah me, when tha sees sumon tha knows, tha sez " nahden de ah dah, oreight? reply might be - ah, oreight ah dah, oreight? ah luv reight Sheffield speak ah do I knew someone who was asked, wheers tha bin? reply was - ah bins int back, wheres thine, or even - oowarriwewarriweissen?
  8. Well, perhaps all the posts about the speed limit have caused people to take notice and abide by it. Although, to be fair, I'd be hard pressed to think of anything less likely!
  9. Wow! I started this post to object to the way anyone obeying the speed limit gets victimised and it has resulted in unleashing an apparently unresolvable discussion on speed limits. I would like to attempt to sumarise some of the points that appear to prevail. Discussion about the validity of speed limits is pointless as they are unlikly to get changed. There will always be people who will exceed the speed limit because it does not apply to them. There will always be people who think that cars should drive behind a man carrying a red flag. There will always be people who think that cars should be banned. There will always be people who actually need their car. There will always be people who think buses should be banned. There will always be people who think that park & ride is a good idea. There will always be people who own a car but go to work on the bus. There will always be people who own a car but only use it to take the kids to school. There will always be people who think that because they fit into any of the above groups they have the right to decide what everyone else should do. There will always be people who think that the Earth is flat.
  10. I wasn't actually questioning the 50 limit but comparing it to the traffic on Boham Parkway, simply saying that whilst it was to some extent ignored, this was less than the almost universal ignoring that occurs there. I did say that the 30 limit at the beginning of the parkway was wrong. The slip roads onto Sheffield Parkway are a whole set of different wrongs however.
  11. Bochum Parkway is not the only stretch of road that has speed limit issues. Take as an example the Parkway out of Sheffield from Park Square. The limit on Bochum Parkway could be discussed forever without being resolved. The 30 limit from Park Square to the first set of traffic lights is not only ludicrous but almost universally ignored. Even I, in my completely un-selfrighteous way, ignore it when other traffic is present, driving at 30 would not only be dangerous but highly impracticle. Travel further to the 50 limit. There really is no excuse for this limit. Interestingly, whilst many do ignore it, I feel that it is less common than those on Bochum Parkway compared with the amount of traffic. I use this strecth of the Parkway most days, rush hour or otherwise.
  12. Reference Wiseowl "limit on motorways should be 80" I could agree with this but it does not change the fact that whatever the limit is there will still be people who ignore it. My original post was really about the way those people treat others who obey the limit.
  13. Sorry, I have to disagree. Whilst there may be a few satisfied with a 50 limit, the majority will not. it is the same on any road irrespective of the limit. Motorways are a prime example. Try driving at 70 and you will find that you will be overtaken regularly, in fact, other than HGV's etc. that are limited to 56 (LOL), you could easily be overtaken more than you overtake.
  14. By "nothing is going to change", I meant that whatever the limit might be there will always be those who will ignore it and drive as they please. Also, when has an "artificially low" limit been an excuse to ignore it? One of my other non-righteous reasons for driving at the speed limit is, how much more stupid could one be than by saying " sorry officer, 40 mph is too low, it should be 60, so thats what I was driving at". Get real!
  15. I stick to speed limits for a number of reasons. It's far easier than having to look for speed cameras, mobile speed checks and wonder if the car behind is an unmarked police car. It is also, to some extent, a protest against often unnecessarily low speed limits and/or people who ignore them. It is most definitely not that I am self-righteous, not even close. People who ignore limits are arrogant and ignorent and think that they are above the law, just like the other morons who drive and park with no respect to other road users. Discussing the rights and wrongs of a particular speed limit is somewhat futile, nothing is going to change, there will always be people who think it only applies to other people and those who wish to demonstrate that they are somehow better because they can go faster than those around them. That will apply whatever the speed limit. The fact still remains that being flashed at whilst driving at the speed limit is beyond ignorant, arrogant, moronic and many other words I am not allowed to use here.
  16. Interesting replies to my original post. My point really though was that if I choose to observe the speed limit, I should not have to put up with agression from people who choose to ignore it.
  17. I don't like driving at 40 mph on here any more than anyone else, but it is the speed limit so I choose to obey it. The fact that some snowflake at the council who would clearly like us all to drive at 10 mph cannot set a realistically practical limit is irrelevant. The fact that even if it were 50, many would still ignore it is also irrelevant, at least the difference between the limit and the average speeds would be less. Other than the fact that because I choose to do this whilst everyone else does not, puts me and them in unnesessary danger, what they do is up to them. I will not however tolerate some <removed>, flashing agressively because he cannot overtake me due to others already doing so at 50 /60 mph. Total Moron.
  18. Cheesecakes from a butchers? is this for real>
  19. I went from school as well, late 50's early 60's. In the late 70's I worked at the bottom of Newhall road and went to the baths at lunchtime. Often there would be only two or three there. I'm sure the attendant was Harry, good man, smoked parkdrive while we swam. He coached me in swimming properly and improved my style dramatically. A good man!
  20. Sorry, I have been told that I have a strange sense of humour, but on this occasion I was being serious. From where the drummer sits the conventional set up, even for the left handed is, Bass drum at the front, snare drum and Hi Hat on the left, floor tom-tom(s) on the right, cymbals and Tom-Toms in front of the drummer. This groups drummer had the Snare and Hi Hats on the right and Floor Tom-Toms on the left. Might just have been his preference of course, it's not a law! BTW if my reply appears elsewhere, apologies, I posted it and it disappeared, had to do it again. Sorry also for any resulting boredom, I'm not really a nerd honest!!
  21. Seeing the posts about Alfredo, and yes I did have a haircut there, reminded me about the Boardwalk. I can't quite remember if it was used as an extension to the Black Swan before being called the Boardwalk or not, but we did go there quite a lot, as regulars we were allowed a couple of times to go down the stairs from the concert room. A band we did see down there were Harpers Bazaar, an American band on tour follow some chart success. A bit too "pop" for our taste but still quite good. An interesting thing was that they were all left handed, the drummer even had his drums set up left handed. How about that for trivia!!
  22. We were regular visitors there. We started the week after Status Quo appeared, Pictures of matchstick men had just been released, we were not impressed with it so didn't go!!. Another band I haven't seen mentioned were Ballard, Russ Ballard after Argent. I don't think Curved Air appeared, some of their equipment did though, another band, Patto perhaps had a number of WEM speakers stencilled "Curved Air". Speaking of Patto, they appeared on at least one occasion with the addition of Boz, not Boz Scaggs, playing a fretless bass, under the name of Dirty Dick and the Firemen. Another band to appear were Mothers Pride who had previously been the Steve Walker Band. Dave Seville ex of McCluskys was on drums, a brilliant band. On keyboards was Simon Clarke who later went on to tour with Bill Nelson, later still with David Bowie and Peter Gabriel.
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