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  1. I'm fairly certain this was a small carriage, like a posh cart for carrying one or two people. It looks like my version came first, cellar full turned into bellyfull, it just gets better!! Letting the new year in was known as first footing and meant to bring luck for the new year, some first footers would even rub coal dust on their face. I guess that the chimney sweep at the wedding was along the same lines.
  2. The one we had was - Happy New Year Happy New Year plenty of money and a cellar full of beer, a horse and a gig and a big fat pig to last you through the year. When I was younger, being tall dark & handsome (!) I was called on to let the new year in. After knocking on the door after the stroke of midnight, I had to intone the above, then put a piece of coal, which had been left outside on the window sill, on the fire and then propose a toast - to 19 whatever it was, health , wealth and happiness. Ah for the good old days!
  3. Or even - Arse laffta. core snot btw in context might be - does tha think Owls l win a satday? core snot! see if than can get arse laffta now
  4. Just found out, I should have remmebered though, The band I saw was Mickeys Monkeys, later to become Ponders End.
  5. Ow Abaht - E wer gerrin a bit stroppy so a lamptim or A cant shut dooer reight, must a gorrabit skellered or core snot
  6. Anuthergudden, tha deserves a prize, laft til tears ran dahn meleg.
  7. ahma dedah me, when tha sees sumon tha knows, tha sez " nahden de ah dah, oreight? reply might be - ah, oreight ah dah, oreight? ah luv reight Sheffield speak ah do I knew someone who was asked, wheers tha bin? reply was - ah bins int back, wheres thine, or even - oowarriwewarriweissen?
  8. Well, perhaps all the posts about the speed limit have caused people to take notice and abide by it. Although, to be fair, I'd be hard pressed to think of anything less likely!
  9. Wow! I started this post to object to the way anyone obeying the speed limit gets victimised and it has resulted in unleashing an apparently unresolvable discussion on speed limits. I would like to attempt to sumarise some of the points that appear to prevail. Discussion about the validity of speed limits is pointless as they are unlikly to get changed. There will always be people who will exceed the speed limit because it does not apply to them. There will always be people who think that cars should drive behind a man carrying a red flag. There will always be people who think that cars should be banned. There will always be people who actually need their car. There will always be people who think buses should be banned. There will always be people who think that park & ride is a good idea. There will always be people who own a car but go to work on the bus. There will always be people who own a car but only use it to take the kids to school. There will always be people who think that because they fit into any of the above groups they have the right to decide what everyone else should do. There will always be people who think that the Earth is flat.
  10. I wasn't actually questioning the 50 limit but comparing it to the traffic on Boham Parkway, simply saying that whilst it was to some extent ignored, this was less than the almost universal ignoring that occurs there. I did say that the 30 limit at the beginning of the parkway was wrong. The slip roads onto Sheffield Parkway are a whole set of different wrongs however.
  11. Bochum Parkway is not the only stretch of road that has speed limit issues. Take as an example the Parkway out of Sheffield from Park Square. The limit on Bochum Parkway could be discussed forever without being resolved. The 30 limit from Park Square to the first set of traffic lights is not only ludicrous but almost universally ignored. Even I, in my completely un-selfrighteous way, ignore it when other traffic is present, driving at 30 would not only be dangerous but highly impracticle. Travel further to the 50 limit. There really is no excuse for this limit. Interestingly, whilst many do ignore it, I feel that it is less common than those on Bochum Parkway compared with the amount of traffic. I use this strecth of the Parkway most days, rush hour or otherwise.
  12. Reference Wiseowl "limit on motorways should be 80" I could agree with this but it does not change the fact that whatever the limit is there will still be people who ignore it. My original post was really about the way those people treat others who obey the limit.
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