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  1. All sorted now reunited with owner from pontafact thanks all ---------- Post added 07-07-2015 at 22:52 ---------- He lost 59 pidgeon a including some expensive ones from Belgium
  2. Can somebody please help me find owner of this young racing pidgeon Gb14s68610 thanks
  3. I am and chipped and getting a tracker too I went to netherlands kennels amount of staffys thats been strays there is 1"I dentical to mine same markung etc but wasnt mine I hope ppk out there no a dog isnt for xmas there for life
  4. No I leave her with no cover yes course she has with old cushion of old sofa inside it ---------- Post added 14-10-2014 at 02:21 ---------- I bought her a kennel a few month ago off ebay
  5. Good news they done checks shes healthy etc shes nw reunited with me what takes the biscuit is the roaming fee of fifty pound when I dint let her off I actually reported her stolen rspca had no concerns with her weight we moving away its like paigehall were I live carnt leave ur washing out scared of it goi g missing anyways thanks ppl for your concerns to say theres 3 pages on half have helped me thanks thoose who cared
  6. They got concerns they said bwt her weight I told her breed she is she said hopefully u can have dog bk today nw if they say I carnt then im guna go solisitors show recipts etc show them pics and hopefully win the case if it comes to that which fingers crossed they not aragant and call me today to say I can bring her home
  7. 4 year old ---------- Post added 13-10-2014 at 09:00 ---------- What u trying to say I dont look after my dog
  8. Its because shes not the weight of a pedigree staffy but I spoke to dog warden shea been to mine a fewtimes I no her very well from previous alegations with local dogs and dog warden agrees with me shes crossed whippet but kennels are doing there job all they are aware of they got an underweight staffy thats y she called me bk earlier and told me they got a dog matching description there concern for her weight I tols them shes crossed whippet the operator said oh my freinds gt a whippet there not exsacly very weighty they are thin im trying to put my point across shes crossed whippet shes the runt of litter I named her after my cusion who had a tumour on brain basically shes lucky to be here I got her from 5 week because mum basically abandoned her so I bottle fed her with goats milk im nt the type of person to neglect animals are hurt them in any ways
  9. Well actually ur all wrong duckegg I have I leave her crate open when we go bed she either gets in bed or goes to her bed I spoken to dog warden I told her get her neuterd do what u want all I want is my dog bk and actually im going to take this further its trespass on private property not council property I have cctv footage of the eastern european coming on my garden and eeleasing her im nt into breeding dogs u no that sign thats true a dog is for life not for xmas I got the bigest crate there is for her but im nt going to keep her locked in house they need to do there buisness I understand ppl think im keeping her tied up but its nt like shes tied up all time im nt evol I got pics of her licking icecream conet in snow etc recipt offl food I bought otherday so before jumping to conclusions try asking ---------- Post added 13-10-2014 at 00:34 ---------- Why do ppl think all staffy owners breed them and get rid im not that type of person and if my dog got hold of the chuwawa it would be clast as a dangerous dog the dog doesnt like other dogs because she was attacked by a pedigree staffy twice size of her I care for my dogs they can come out do checks etc check my cctv of me taking her out etc etc
  10. Thankyou but iv had her since 5 week old gt pics etc but now they said they gt to get her checked out she looks underweight with dog warden etc I only put her on chain because of chuwawa next door turns out its them wats let her off so all I can see now if I get her back dont keep her on chain and she got attacked by another staffy last year so shes weary of other dogs I was only protecting there dog next door but they go and let her off I went round told them they should pay release fee and if I get dog back there chuwawa must eith be in house or on garden not loose u see were im coming from with chain I shunt afto tho ---------- Post added 12-10-2014 at 18:19 ---------- Thanks jan ermm basically they saying shes not looking like a staffy I told them shes a cross whippet and yes some were on my phone ill upload later on and they gt to wait till shes been checked over before they update me I phoned all kennels police costing me money shes worth it but if I dint look after her I wunt look for her I wunt fone police I wunt fone kennels etc all I want is my family pet bk jan
  11. Basically they saying shes underweight staffys should nt be her weight I told them shes crossed whippet dont no wat to do my daughter heart broke ---------- Post added 12-10-2014 at 18:08 ---------- No 7 pm till midnight and my partner brings her in before them when she finishes between 10 and halfpast
  12. No kept on chain because next door gt a chuawa thing next door the dog comes in wen I come in at 12 at night shes outside at 7 I take her walks along canal in morning for rabbits shes in house at niggt snuggled up in bed actually
  13. My staffy cross whippet been let off garden, so I come home last night to no dog, so as a owner I phoned the police reported it as stolen etc, then police called me back and said pcso found dog roaming, they taken to kennels, so I called all kennels see if my dog was there they said no dog been handed in, so I called police back again to see which kennels she was at they said officers on today till 4 pm, so I said can u ask em to call me? so half an hour goes by no fone call. So I rings out of hours council etc gave me some numbers, I phoned them still no dog, then at half past 3 I get a call saying my dog here at kennels were concerned bwt her weight, I said excuse me love my dog gets 2 baking mixing bowls full of food but because she in season if u ant seen shes only having 1 bowl, I said she crossed whippet shes not guna be fat shes a rabbiting dog she burns it off etc. We got to wait for dog warden etc to do checks and all been well ur dog will be bk tomorow, iv had her since 5 week old, not like iv had her to breed it takes biscuit making me look bad because my staffy is a bit underweight die to breed, im heartbroken I told them ill pay 200 pound to get her bk can some 1 plz help me
  14. Reason for Rehome / Sale .due to moving home Time Scale – How Urgent?. asap Sale Amount .£80 Has the Dog been in Rescue. no Location rotherham Age & Sex 5 month old male Breed/ Mix staffy x american bulldog KC Registered no Approximate size medium ish Exercise Needed yes 3 times plus a day Neutered & Micro chipped microchiped Vaccinated & Wormed yes Live in / out . outside Ever lived with other cats/dogs/other animals yes Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues Temperament no Good or Bad with Children good Dislike of Men or Women none OK with Dogs / Cats/other Animals yes Travel OK in Car yes Left happily alone in the House for How Long at a time Destructive Behaviour not tried Barks sometimes Pull on the lead not often Crate trained yes Housetrained dnt no been outside all time ---------- Post added 30-10-2013 at 15:57 ---------- need a home for him asap first to see will buy he is a redish colour and brindle thanks
  15. Dnt no how I hpe some 1 takes him because gt 2 days to move out hes a softy hes a lovly hes red and brindle gt paper work to show his jabs etc
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