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  1. Thanks for all your replies. Just to clear a few things up, we do both own our properties so unfortunately i cant get them kicked out. Im not confused about times as he goes out at all times of the day and night as he works all different times of the day. They unfortunately arent the kind of neighbours that i can come to some agreement with as they are both extremely changeable as one minute they are nice as pie and saying "hi" when they see you and the next they are threatening to kick your head in. Iv had countless problems with them and would love to shop them to the police, etc, for a number of things and would just like a quiet life and dont want my kids to see me being yelled at when i walk out of the front door! Im the same as one of the other posters as i dont even use my back garden due to the abuse and threats i get shouted at me. You would think it was me that caused all the problems! Ill try going to the council and see what they can do as i really cant afford to move anywhere at the minute. Thanks
  2. Hi I'm looking to hire some soft play equipment for my child's birthday party and wondered if anyone could recommend anywhere or have heard of anywhere. Thanks
  3. I have the worst neighbours in history. I have had countless problems with them over the years and endless arguments. The walls to our house are thin and we have to constantly listen to them argue and fight at all hours of the day. They now have a motorcycle which is started up and reved on the back garden for 10 minutes before being driven down the footpath that runs at the bottom of my garden, this happens anytime from 6am. ANd now to top it off they have chickens and a cockerel which crows from 5am and then carries on throughout the day. Does anyone know if there is anything I can do about any of this as they aren't the type of neighbours that you can speak to and reason with.
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