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  1. Thank you for your advice I will take it onboard,they can be so sorrowful looking animals,when they give you the doe eyes specially when they want something.we have had 3 springer spaniels,a collie now a cocker but she is so placid,just think she needs some company.
  2. I am interested because I already have a beautiful cocker spaniel bitch of about 6 years old.when we first got her we already had a collie bitch of 12 years for her companion but she has since died.I believe that before we got her she had a litter of pups,but the sad thing is every now and again during her sleep she starts howling,we are thinking that she is missing some company and a puppy maybe the answer to a maybe maternal problem
  3. I have been a regular customer of Laycocks for many years in fact since I worked there many years ago,so feel I can comment on the club and it's members with some knowledge and history. First off the regular members of the club are very protective of it's integrity as a sports and social club for it's members and guests and do not like it when people on regular occasions abuse the friendliness and welcoming of both staff and membership by frequenting the place without the due fee. The club needs this financial support,when we had the support of our parent company finances were not a problem,but since we went private we now have to raise money through other means and the committee is working very hard to do this,many things are in the pipeline,improvements to the football pitches are under discussion.We have recently spent a lot of money improving the snooker room.Our sports sections include,darts sections for both men and women Bowls teams,football team and floodlit football training facility.Currently we are providing a function room for parties at no charge with access to a resident DJ. What I am saying is it's a great little club with some smashing people and great facilities come and have a look at us and find out. If you dont like sports come and watch one of our 4 tv's available in the bar and concert room areas,I am rather suprised by the comments of 'sheffgrow'did you expect that a race night would be treated as a football activity?we hold many social events in the concert room with lots of kids would you expect that at these events we turn the lights on as a matter of course children are always the responsibility of the parents are you saying that you would have liked for the kids to go running about outside while the parents continued with the race night inside?I can assure you that the lights do work and when the pitch is hired as a football activity the charge is usually £25 per hr.which again is quite reasonable. It is a fantastic place to come and sit outside in the summer you only have to look whats available for the kids outside,slides,seesaw,childrens activity area,etc come and try it.
  4. Closed last week I heard under a bit of a cloud anybody fill in the details. Members left up in the air over funds?
  5. To celebrate this once in a lifetime event I've penned a little ditty, It's coming to sheffield The tour de France To cheer us all up Our lives to enhance I'm so excited I want to dance But wait a minute who's paying for all this Why the people of sheffield,.............your taking the <REMOVED> Smile be happy while they block off your roads Camping or caravanning you'll be paying loads But wait a minute the legacy of this I may like It could mean more people to knock off their bike!
  6. What I would like to know is why don't they make the race more realistic by making all the cyclists ride on the pavement,set all the control lights at red so they can speed through and occasionally make them push the button on pelican crossings so they can cycle across the road would be far more interesting and would have saved a fortune resurfacing the roads.
  7. Everybody in our family,look for us in the phone directory.................................................................under the brilliant BUTCHER surname.:hihi:
  8. only your 2nd post,have you found an urgent need it's such a good pub? Did you have to borrow someone else's membership card?
  9. Just thought i'd remind you of the origin of this thread it was not that this person was being loud or obnoxious,the guy just happened to call in wanting a pint and was refused...........................Why?
  10. Do you mean before it's sold? if you miss out just take a can of 'Real Ale' into woodseats library and sup it in there,same atmosphere....................ssssssshhhhhhhh!
  11. I certainly am not knocking your reasons for selling the place,but why did you buy it in the first place?being so close to retirement,and state that you require 'a bit of a break after only 2 1/2 Years in the business,surely that can't be good business or planning.What about your investment you must be getting rid at a loss! It does seem that the customers are a secondary thought as you also state you are a part time business already and thinking of yet more reduction in opening days,what about them.The whole situation just seems strange to me.
  12. Isn't that difficult when your not a member of facebook.
  13. I'm sure that in this day and age when pubs are closing at the rate they are he can afford to be selective and pick and choose who he sells it too:huh:..................................................NOT! it will probably go for the right price tho'
  14. Anyone else heard over the weekend from different sources that the owner is putting the ale house up for sale this week? Apparently he's posted something on facebook about it!
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