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  1. If it looks a different colour then it probably is. You should not be able to tell the difference if done correctly. It may have been the correct paint code but colour fades over time, so the paint should always be mixed to the panels on the car. If you are unhappy take it back and ask them to do it again. I would not pay for a sub-standard job.
  2. Anyone got any latest reviews on this company? Looking around for estate agents, and wondering if online, or shop based is best.
  3. For a 1000 miles a year it won't. 30,000 miles a year maybe.
  4. Simple answer is no they dont. Something like this will do you fine, http://www.millersoils.net/M3_cgi/millers2.cgi?product_id=44&exact_match=on&type=motorsport&cart_id=
  5. Just shove millers or similar in it. Or shell do their own brand of fuel additive. Not worth the effort to convert considering the mileage you will be doing.
  6. That is right, I normally find reccomendation by others is better. Thanks to those who have made suggestions.
  7. Where do people get their energy performance certificates from locally?
  8. I would say anything over 20 years old, others would say 25 years. These are probably the two most common dates used to denote a car as a classic. As other have said who can deny a Capri is a not a classic?
  9. The trouble is most classic cars are ineligible to enter your event kimchris, as mentioned here: http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=568603
  10. It isn't as a date on the promotors website, so I would guess not. http://www.transtarpromotions.com/showdates.html
  11. That is my question as well? Very bizarre logic to be honest. Why on earth you think a car has to be 38+ years old to be recognised a classic is beyond me.
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