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  1. Mot's dont usually differ that much tester to tester, however i have known it happen where a garage has failed a car for a few things and the repairs would have been excessive. My friend took her car to one garage it failed and they told her £260 to fix, i am no mechanic just cars are a hobby and when she told me what that price was for it seemed a little bit dodgy. I sent her to a garage I use and they said most of the things needed doing but it only cost her about £80 in the end and a year later car past again with no faults. So even if mot test might be correct it always worth shopping around garages for repairs.
  2. I would gladly pay a pound to keep it open. More things are held there than what people think, and its the last big thing we have left in sheffield, leeds will have a new bigger arena to compete with ours, the world snooker championship will be moved soon. So why would people visit sheffield our busy town centre with empty shops? For those people who think paying a pound is a waste to keep it open, the plan is to redevelope the woodbourn road site again to try and get it to a similar level to don valley. So all your taxes will be spent on building a smaller crapier version of don valley. Lets not forget all the money lost with the compulsary purchases made on the shops down the moor and around town for that redevelopement that has been going on for how many years now with nothing to show for it.
  3. Same as barefoot check battery first thinks it shoulf be putting out at least 11v any less and it may have had it. If it starts after a jump it should be 15v at battery if its not could be alternator
  4. Hi did you get this sorted and would you recomend anyone as i need similar job doing
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