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  1. I have just downloaded this app and paid for the year, as I used to have I footpath but they have merged now. I footpath gave you written instructions and would allow you to check with a GPS tracker where you were on the route. Does ALL-TRAILS do the same ? Or do you choose a hike, click directions Then drive to the start and just follow the GPS route ? Hoe does it work exactly. Many thanks in advance
  2. Had the car a few weeks, it has 10 months MOT on it and well looked after. I have noticed on a few occasions (getting into gear after stopping at lights, and a roundabout, and once trying to reverse off my drive) that it would not go into 1st or reverse. Which caused several irate drivers to beep etc. Eventually after a few clutch pumps it was ok. When I was trying to reverse off the drive, it was not having it at all, not even 1st gear. Yet when the engine was off it went through all the gears. I switched the engine off, swore a lot, and tried again and it was fine It has happened today as well, I would say it happens once a week. The fluid level is fine, I was told to take the cap off and get someone to slowly pump the clutch to see if any air bubbles came out through the fluid (it didn’t) I also checked up the clutch pedal and no drips of fluid etc. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. It’s doing my head in! And I am wary it’ll happen at the worst possible moment and I will get rear ended Thanks in advance.
  3. All. I am buying a car tonight (private sale) do I need to tax it myself today before I go, or can I drive home without doing it and tax it after DVLA have been updated via the log book of the new keeper as it will still be taxed under the previous owners name ? I am not sure how it works as tax does not carry over now does it? Thanks in advance
  4. No Sky TV. Is there a way of watching this via a one time only package at home is there a live stream option anybody know of ? Thanks
  5. All. I am looking for a car up to £3k. Preferably a hatchback. Nothing boy racer (too old for that) I have been looking online and a lot of sites are saying Skoda Fabia, Seat Aleta even a BMW 320d along with Audi TT, Peugeot 4007 and Qashqai Just wondered if I could get some advice here. Requirements - Roomy (ish) Hatchback Stylish Low insurance (I have 10+ years no claims) Low tax I am not a car nut and I have had a few Golfs and A3's down the years, I am likely to stick with those choices unless I find something I haven't even considered. Thanks in advance
  6. All. I have a golf mk4 2001. 1.6 petrol. I want to get it back on the road - do I HAVE to fit a battery that it specific for that engine, or will any fit for purpose battery do. I see that they vary in prices, just wanted some advice. Thanks in advance
  7. Guys. Can anybody recommend a good and user friendly share dealing site or maybe an app. I would like to deal a little bit and it has been a while since I did this and things have moved on in the last 15 years ! Something user friendly, simple - ish. And preferably one with low % commission rates, and up to date prices. I HAVE AN ANDRIOD SMARTPHONE IF THAT MAKES A DIFFERENCE TO WHAT APPS ARE AVAILABLE ETC Thanks in advance.
  8. I should have been clearer, its a linked detached house, so the space between me and next door is our garage area, therefore it has a garage door at the front and a wooden facia at the back, and tiled pitched roof. The back part like I say is wooden and has a wooden door to get into the garage from the garden (the door is like a shed door) hence me saying shed (apologies)
  9. All. Can anyone recommend a good shed locking system. It has no key function on the door. Therefore I am looking at something like a bar or padlock and hasp. Nothing easy to unscrew and take off etc. Thanks in advance.
  10. All. I am looking to purchase a bridge camera for someone for Xmas. They are good enough to have something better than a digital point and shoot, but not quite David Bailey yet, so a bridge camera should be ideal. I would like some advice on the best one's out there if you would be so kind. Maximum spend is £140. I have seen a fujifilm on the tesco direct website and a Nikon on the argos website, but would welcome some other opinions and suggestions. Here are the cameras in question http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/2384968.htm http://www.tesco.com/direct/fuji-finepix-s4900-digital-bridge-camera-black-14mp-30x-optical-zoom-3-lcd-screen/413-7120.prd?pageLevel=&skuId=413-7120 Thanks in advance forummers !
  11. Yes 1 dog. And no he has not cleaned it up since he moved back in with his parent. 3 months ago.
  12. My neighbour has a dog which they let do it's mess in their own garden (not mine just to make that clear) and they just leave it, there must be 30 mounds of it. Is there anything I can do via the environmental health, council etc. Apart from it being disgusting and unsightly, are there any health hazards ? or will it attract other things, rodents etc. I haven't approached them yet, but would like some insight into my options before I do. Some help and advice would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  13. Guys/Gals Do I need specific roof bars for my 2001 Golf mk4, 5 door , or are there universal ones that will fit. Thanks in advance.
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