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  1. Please use the vacancies section of classifeds. Closing.
  2. Are these the sort of places you have to book to get a table or is it easy enough to walk in and get seated? definately worth a try
  3. honestly mate i was watching that show earlier and the mouth was watering!!!
  4. Ive tried this i bought some good quality beef, a nice jack daniels glaze and some monterey jack cheese...... not sure if it was my cooking or the ingredients but tasted average lol
  5. I tried the one in meadowhall...the burger was quite nice but it was as expensive as other places and you had to buy everything seperate they didnt do a meal which is ok if you like that sort of thing...me being lazy i didnt
  6. Live just around the corner to where this has happened.. My condolences to everyone close..RIP
  7. So avoid swanky franks?? Ill look up the other at millhouses and see if thats any good
  8. Will do....The search starts here!!!! way too early to be thinking about burgers but i cant help it
  9. Swanky Franks sounds like a good place to try just for the name!!!! The "biggest burger ever" at the w&h is definately something i have to check out if its real! cheers for the quick reply
  10. Hi guys and girls Im looking for a hidden gem if anyone knows a place that does amazing burgers im looking to find new places to try.... ive done all the usual good places local to Rotherham/Sheffield TGI's Boardwalk (RIP) Ribshack Harvester Beefeater etc But im looking for that extra special place where id struggle to eat the huge burger
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