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  1. Im looking for a venue in sheffield to hold a birthday party at think got a friends band to play so need room for 4 piece band to set up and our dj also be good would be late licence but not vital.
  2. we had a friendly this sunday other team as dropped our pitch is sorted and payed for at concord 3g astro turf so we looking for someone to step in and share cost it would be 60 pound each + ref fees interested. times short so give us a text or ring on 07814 259533
  3. thursday night after darts there is 2 student nights leadmill and plug fancy dress wont be a problem
  4. ecclesfield players lounge still looking for players who can improve them we play in blades super draw premier so must be good standard and fitness any positions cause if you good enough you can force your way in good set of lads and good pitch to play on everyweek in fact away pitchs are all quality we got a friendly this sunday if interested in trial pm me or give us a text or ring bash 07814 259533
  5. ecclesfield players lounge blades super draw league
  6. got friendly tomorrow no keeper at moment anyone interested in game call me 07814 259533 and if anyone interested in trial feel free to contact me est over 10 years in a in high standard league 2nd only to meadowhall prem excellent pitch to play on every home game we been succesful over years win league cup at bramall lane and division champions just needed few players to boost squad back also good bunch of lads we good banter every week
  7. after paying for private grass pitchs and having games called off and usually not playing january or feb moved to 3g few years ago and 2 seasons on trot been only team playing some weeks saving on turning up paying ref to call it off no worries the comments above highlight perfect the pros and cons play good footie 3g inferior clogger player bog in winter on grass
  8. we having our first training session tomorrow ecclesfield park 7pm if anyone interested in trial come on down give me a ring 07814 259533 we have our first friendly on july22nd we have a good bunch of lads with good team spirit and banter any position available if you good enough we are also a very succesful team with plenty of trophys under our belt we play in blades super draw league
  9. we are a long established successful team over 10 years who play in blades super draw league with excellent pitch to play on looking for players on sunday mornings as we had a few retirements last year so need a few bodies to add to team players will have to be a good standard to challenge existing ones as the ones at moment play around county senior level saturdays and couple of ex hallam lads if you want to play football and also have a good crack we great set of lads pm me or leave me meassage cheers
  10. hi lg262 might have got some cheap equipment if you after nets got brand new set of nets black and red coloured really thick twine there by huck nets so they quality nets bought them then moved to a astro turf pitch were nets are provided got a nearly new full kit to be about right size for juniors.
  11. hi graham 101 thanks for putting us forward there is 2 teams you right we do play on 3g at concord but we are ecclesfield players lounge there is also players lounge albion on here
  12. we after keeper we in blades super draw league pm me
  13. i know a sunday team e mail me if you want more info paulbbash@yahoo.co.uk
  14. scariest films are ones with seagal or van damme in then proper horror films would say argentos demons or raimis evil dead
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