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  1. Quick event update: Live band 'Swansong' confirmed for an hour's set, DJ Dave Evans confirmed, AND paparazzi and event photographer confirmed...... it's going to be great! If you're interested in attending please send me a PM. Cathy x
  2. Oh lots of people arrive on their own. It's a very friendly atmosphere and we'll make sure you have someone to talk to! Do come along...... you never know you might just enjoy it!
  3. After the September event the gallery will be up and running!
  4. Remember the good old Bramall Lane Singles Night? Single Social is relaunching this fantastic event with an EXTRAVAGANZA PARTY NIGHT! Saturday 7 September 2013 8pm - 1am £15.00 per ticket in advance. Group booking offers available. Please email info@singlesocial.co.uk for details. Places are limited so book your tickets early! It's an event NOT TO BE MISSED!!
  5. I am hoping that out there in the wonderful world of Sheffield Forumers someone may be able to help shed some light on an Asian artist, Bai Jin Shun. If you know anything about him OR how best to get his work out in to the right market place I would be really grateful to hear from you!
  6. Single Social Quiz Night Thursday 6 December Cellar Bar, The Beauchief Hotel, Abbeydale Road South 8pm - 10.30pm £2 to enter the quiz which includes some lovely hot food! Come along, bring your brains and join us for a fun night. Make new friends and test your general knowledge at the same time! See you there.
  7. Ooooh sounds good! Unfortunately I already have plans for the 15th but will keep my eyes open for them in future. Thanks!
  8. We are looking for something to do on Friday 14th December for our work's Christmas party. We were wanting to go to the Last Laugh Comedy Club but they're sold out..... any other ideas? We're 5 'over 35' adults who want something a little bit interesting to do..... Suggestions welcome!
  9. Hi I am starting a beginners ballroom/latin class this evening (Monday 26 Nov) and at present don't have a partner. I can dance with the teachers sister for now which is fine, but would like to find a dance partner to learn with if possible. The class is in S8 and is every Monday night 8.30 - 9.30. If you're interested please contact me! Cathy
  10. Utd ground and Grosvenor G Casino sound good! Also Fleur - I am coming along to see a band at the Fleur tonight so will check out what's going on NYE then. Thanks - at least it does look like there are some good options still available. Need to get booked asap so we don't miss out!! Thanks for all the help xx
  11. Baldwins aren't open NYE...... still waiting for Naps to get back to me..... fingers crossed!
  12. Ahhhhh - excellent ideas - thanks I'll check both of those out! Thank you.
  13. Hello all - please help! Myself and a female friend are struggling to know what to do on New Years Eve. We were hoping to go to the Beauchief but they are fully booked. Anyone got any ideas? The only events I can find on the t'internet are club nights or Crystal Bar....... no offence to anyone meant, but they aren't really our sort of thing! We want something nice, with a meal if poss, a disco definitely and good atmosphere. All suggestions welcome..... this is my first NYE off Mummy duty for 4 years so want to make the most of it. As much as I love Jools Holland I don't want to share my NY with him again this year! Thanks Cathy x
  14. Happy Birthday Sheffield FC....... why oh why do we not hear more about them? Sheffield (and the whole country) should be shouting it from the rooftops - the home of football is HERE!!!
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