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  1. People will not pay for a good cup of coffee in sheffield the overheads on a business are too high what does a jar of coffee cost premesis rent&rates,staff,insurance etc etc. it is very difficult today until Rateable values are reduced business will find it difficult as rateable value & business rates are connected in the overall calculation, it is not a question of putting one in the only way it could work is if it is in a working business already that would draw people in.Tough out there!
  2. phil buster is right going to be Look Leeds in the next few years have you seen the studio on Shoreham street part of it is up to Let has been for years BBC cannot generate Local income even on a rental basis
  3. try Garden centres or builders on here or joiners on here
  4. yes it is ok to use provided you got good ground clearance I know soeone who goes over there annually
  5. have you thought of Talking books people used to be able to get them in the days of cassette tape? Remember cassette tape
  6. Hitch hiking from Tinsley roundabout and see how far you get John' o' Groats or Lands end you donot see it nowadays since there ar alot of bad people out there it stopped in about the mid 1980's
  7. there are plenty of indians over here who may be even on here why can't he approach them I know of a similar case and the border Agency refused his extentsion basically he had dropped out of a degree course and therefore no longer on a student visa therefore he became an illegal immigrant was not to bothered about getting a job harassed women perfect candidate for deportation which happend
  8. it is becoming more of a problem for girls why do they bother to get dressed at all I mean what is there message look at me in my scantly clad revealing outfit when does it become improper dress code in a public place it is not a beach after all are we slowly loosing are morals! true the man should have more self control but where should we draw the line I say again times are a changing both sides think they can have a free for all the leering man and the scantly clad girl who is right! Nanny STATE! Y/N
  9. I took the problem head on and said I was interested but I wished to speak to the chief general manager which I did told him to stop and so far....They have put it down to the recession and these desperados have no job anymore you have to be calm about it and say you really are not interested and they are wasting their profits as Iwill not buy off the Telephone Goodbye Brrrrrrrr......(dead phone line noise)
  10. I blame the politicians think carefully before voting which bunch of.... should we have to run this city for one year those that like spending money because it is a nice thing to do especially when we are skint ! or someone who has to sort out the financial mess we are in I refer to South yorkshire Fire&rescue and the mess the Authority want us to have because new buildings are so nice! and we can pull them down in what 5 years AGAIN!
  11. david essex now works for seven Trent Water I though I hadn't heard him singing recently he has got to be in his 70's now!
  12. I Think Rateable values are too high at the moment for Retail Trade you are competing with Mail order nowadays & the internet so you do not have the hassle of the journey into the City, Transport facilities are very poor by bus parking is bad , as you donot go anywhere near where the shops are the choice of shops are poor and nobody is spending....At the moment how many shops sell the same as one another I am sure we will get to the stage where the only shops will be the supermarket with parking if sainsburys pulled out of Meadowhall then that concept did not work how come M&s are still thriving there? deals are done!
  13. the shops were better 40 years ago (Redgates, Schofields Robert Brothers Cockaynes Walshes No Meadowhall then)and the road system was better than now but was not good then really either Hopkinsons Deli Broom Hill Davys Fargate and throughout Sheffield the Bakery Chain , I think some of the buildings are modern and nice to look at although a lot of money has been wasted like demolition of modern buildings The Wedding Cake Registry office, the Grand Hotel that would have made a good Town Hall the Entrance hallway could have made a huge Rates office .
  14. contact Council Tree officer before doing anything most tree fellas will shouldgo via them nowadays and they will do the lovely stuff enforcement notices etc etc
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