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  1. Hi all, With the winter setting in i was starting to think about possible changes of scenery to break up the working from home fatigue. Does anyone know of any local cafes/pubs that allow you to set up to work for the day? For example in Cutlery Works you pay a set fee for bottomless hot drinks, WiFi and a plug socket for the day. Any ideas?
  2. Hi Guys Does anyone have an alarm fitter they can suggest for the pet friendly motion sensors? I did specify them when we had the alarm fitted but he decided to fit normal ones instead which obviously don't work at all.. I have ordered 2 of these to try and secure the door a bit more for now. It's been "secured" by the insurance company but I'm not happy with it so they are coming to assess repairing the door. I am allowed to upgrade to a new unit if I pay the difference so we are going to do that. We are looking into CCTV now and will be looking at suitable plants to put behind the fence when the weather gets a bit better. Thank you for your replies so far it has been really appreciated. If anyone else has any suggestions/stories to share please do Regards K
  3. Hi Guys I am very sad to say that my home was broken into last night (2/2), they got a few electricals and all of my jewelry but we are all ok and that is the main thing! I am now worried about the security of my home and find myself uneasy with the thought of leaving it. Can someone help me with how I can beef everything up? I have a security system but it wasn't armed that day due to the weather, we left our moggies inside (located eventually and unharmed). The policeman talked about taping up the motion sensors so they only detect things above shoulder height… Does anyone have any experience with pet motion sensors? I've seen stuff online about duel tech but wanted some actual experience..? We have motion-activated floodlights all around the property but they could have broken in at anytime of day as was at work from 8am. They broke in through our sliding patio doors, which we have now decided to replace, but until then has anyone any experience with how to secure these better? Thanks K
  4. Can someone give me a quote for having guttering cleaned on a 3 bed semi? Birley s12 area
  5. Hi Guys We are in the process of sorting our mess of a front garden. All the plants have been removed and shifted about two tonnes of gravel, we have turned the earth and put down top soil. The next step is to sow the seeds of course but we've had to wait while National Grid come and replace the gas pipe in one corner. I've noticed a few weeds coming through which I've hastily pulled up. I was thinking of spraying some weed killer down but just want a bit of advice on which brand is best etc. Don't want to accidentally put down something that will kill everything for years to come Please be kind we are learning as we're going Any help is much appreciated
  6. Ahh I updated the photo link and accidentally deleted the whole post. The photo should work now. To be honest I'm not 100% sure what it is but it goes up into the property, was partially buried before we started work. I've spoken to neighbour and they reckon it's gas pipe. ---------- Post added 06-04-2015 at 19:30 ---------- The pipe is green in photo
  7. Thank you everyone for being so helpful! I will stock up and declare war on my day off on Friday! K
  8. Thank you everyone for your advice! I will order some advantage and go to the vets to get some spray! Any advice on the most effective way to deflea the house? Thanks K ---------- Post added 04-01-2015 at 21:03 ---------- Just been looking online, any thoughts on Indorex spray? ---------- Post added 04-01-2015 at 21:18 ---------- One last question, my little girl only weighs 3.2kg (eats like a pig) and my little man weighs 4.5kg shall I buy one of each strength or would I be ok with the stronger for both? Thanks! K
  9. Thanks for the advice is there a particular brand you would recommend? K
  10. We haven't been to be honest but will do what is required to get rid of them. Can you recommend a spray/regime K
  11. Hi My poor moggies have been having flea issues regularly. We use Frontline religiously but no joy and I've seen increasing reports online of it not working for a while now. Can someone please give me some advice about how we can effectively deal with this problem? If anyone can recommend a better brand also. A friend at work suggested Advantage? Thanks in advance K
  12. Hi Can anyone recommend someone/where to get some curtains taken up? Sorry if I've posted in wrong place, wasn't sure where to go Thanks K
  13. Can you book an appointment? The day needs to run like clock work so wouldn't like to just pop in Cheers K
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