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  1. Ok a long awaited update There's definitely a Windows issue as I restored it back to the factory settings and a week later it did it again following a similar crash. I've restored the PC back to the original factory settings, unplugged it and will be listing it on ebay at some point. I can state I won't buy another HP from my experiences with this one and certainly not from the so called professionals at pc word. The speakers never worked either however I found out the speakers were faulty. I bought another pc and this is not only quiet running but I'm really impressed with it, windows 10 is somewhat interesting but I'm sure i'll get used to it On the chipset front it was a P6-2000 series 6 if this helps at all Thanks everyone for your comments and assistance, maybe the HP is a quick fix however I'm past caring to be honest
  2. I've done everything listed above and according to the information all the relevant drivers are installed however on doing the test nothing happens....there is no sound. I increased the volume and fiddled with numerous settings and the sound still doesn't come out. I tried a different port thinking it could be that however to no avail....but thank you ---------- Post added 16-11-2017 at 19:07 ---------- I just did this, all drivers are now installed and according to the system the sound is fine.....but there's still no sound coming out...............aargh!
  3. it took me a while to fathom it out, apparently its the same thing that occurred 9 months after the initial purchase. There is a driver missing so the pc starts in safe mode, backed up a few files and folders I hadn't done for a while and then went through the process of restoring and reformatting the hard drive. I can categorically state I did a far superior job of it than pc world did the first time as I got all the keys working and shortcut keys on the keyboard. Pc world messed that up severely and i'm not a trained technician! The only thing I can't get to work is the sound card but then again pc world didn't get that working either. I know one thing I'll never take out a warranty with pc world again, what a complete waste of time and money Any thoughts on how I can get the sound card to work please? Thank you
  4. Hello, I came to turn on the pc today only to find it will only start in like a really basic HP mode. I have been able to start the machine up in safe mode and can view all my folders, docs etc however I cannot get the machine to open windows normally. This occurred the first time 9 months after purchase and pc world restored the pc back to the factory settings, today this has happened again. Will I therefore need to restore again please back to the factory settings? The machine is a Hewlett Packard i3 running windows 7 pro 64 bit, a 1TB HD and a huge memory I did get a message up once to state there was a driver or mwtx or similar issue but only saw it briefly before it continued on. Everything seems fine in safe mode however when I try to start windows normally it goes into the HP basic set up, all icons except the set up ones are missing. Any help or assistance appreciated - thank you
  5. No, he should be forced to stay in that position for at least 20 years or until the party idiots who put him in as leader realise too late what total chumps they are and they've wrecked the party. Who in their right mind would vote for him....he changes his mind more about policies daily .... even people I know who've voted Labour for generations aren't going near him this time......lets see what happens on the election day
  6. The main issue here is that stupid email ebay sent out to sellers - the one about 'active content' I got one of those and basically they are stating that you cannot have active content in your listings, I personally use MS Word for the descriptions and the good old standard JPEG with my trusty camera for photo's. Yet the email they sent to me was full of active content!!!!!! I contacted ebay, yes I found someone to chat too, its hard to believe I know as they make it so difficult to do and Mr Ebay rep said there was nothing to worry about however they are now starting to get very worried because people I've been buying off for years, and I'm talking big sellers are leaving the site in droves for this very reason. If you are a seller or indeed you do buy from regular sellers my advice is to take down their contact details as I did and I still buy my supplies from them just not through ebay. Ebay seem to have overcomplicated a very good system of selling items and this will ultimately show in how much money they stand to lose ---------- Post added 27-04-2017 at 17:41 ---------- As per my other reply, they send an email to you each month with the relevant listings on it which tells you about your active content. To be honest I don't think ebay have been very clear on what they are trying to implement
  7. I booked a skip last week for delivery at 7.30am tomorrow all fine, this afternoon I called up just to confirm the time etc and the bloke said he couldn't guarantee delivery before 11am which is a huge difference from 7.30am and I am not remotely happy. Having taken a full days annual leave to fill a skip this isn't on at all. As it will take me most of the day to fill it before the neighbours undoubtly try to fill it with their stuff as well! Can anyone therefore recommend a reliable skip hire company that can actually deliver first thing rather than me waiting for the guy who doesn't give a poo about his customers and obviously lets them down by overbooking. Ideally a company that I will need to phone in the morning and get one asap due to all the mess at the front of the garden..... Thanks
  8. I use JML ones, they aren't cheap about £23 and they have a large ridge on one side with a smaller one on the other and since I've been using one - about 4.5 years no problems since, whether you opt to use the large bit or small bit is personal choice, it supports your neck in a better position when sleeping ---------- Post added 08-03-2017 at 23:26 ---------- Better still go to an osteopath, the active health care clinic works the muscle more and is more gentle than the sudden bone crunching of Chiropractors which always isn;'t a necessary requirement
  9. Was this the royal mail or one of those dodgy courier services ebay are trying to enforce on sellers? these are the ones who sign for the packages and leave them on peoples back doors only to be stolen because if they take them back to the depot they don't get paid. Find out from the seller which company they used be it Royal Mail, My Herpes, Parcels2go etc, if no response open a case against the seller and ask for proof of exactly where the parcel was delivered to and who signed for it if you didn't. Personally I hate these courier companies, basically you get what you pay for which is usually a rubbish service speaking from experience
  10. Hi does anyone know who is responsible for the drains directly outside a privately owned house? we have water coming into our cellar but only when it rains. It is travelling from the back of the house, under the kitchen floor where there is a small cellar and into the main cellar at the front of the house. Fairly sure this is from a cracked drain? are Yorkshire Water responsible for this? they do come and check the communal drain in our yard occassionally but not onto our property. We are in a group of 4 terrace houses and have a private garden. Access to the drain would be under some tarmac. Any ideas?knowlege regarding this? many thanks
  11. its been a while now however I got a full refund of the monies paid including the £45 they tried to charge me extra for.....which after going backwards and forwards they decided to drop the £45 down to £25 as 'a goodwill gesture' so I said the next call they would get would be from both my credit card company and my solicitor for fraud and I put the phone down on them. They called back within 10 minutes and arrange for a cheque - note cheque here...not payment back on card to be sent to me. I said no, I wanted the amount to go back onto my credit card and not to call me back until they had done this (harrassment) or I would blow it all out of proportion. Credit card reimbursement same day and a cheque for the £45 in addition sent to me, cashed as compensation for such a diabolical service and the amount of time it took to rectify a simple error - around 7 hours! They are cheap for a reason however I will never recommend them to anyone, they have a call centre in Nova Scotia, Canada and one in India, you just try to cancel as you get put through to the one in India. Ironically the company I decided to stick with are just £14 more and have UK based call centres.....lesson learned
  12. Add to that Winter driving in snow, I'm not sure whether its drivers in Sheffield or UK as a whole....one snowflake and that's it, gridlocked traffic and drivers with no common sense whatsoever on how to drive in snow especially those with rear wheel drive cars and 4x4's This should be mandatory After I passed my test my dad took me onto the motorway for a couple of hours with me driving, I learnt a lot in that couple of hours, well worth it
  13. As both a buyer and seller myself you tend to find it depends on the seller. Not all private auctions are 'adult' items, some may be items of high value or of a sensitive nature where the seller wishes to keep the buyers ID anonymous so the item cannot be traced to the winning bidder
  14. I hope your son obtains a diagnosis and wish him the best for a full rapid recovery. On the taking action against a hospital issue, be careful with this as in brief I had major surgery at the NGH, the wound got infected and I was discharged on Christmas eve, rushed back in a few hours later in agony, given three times the maximum of intravenous penicillin allowed sent home with more, came back in again and the same procedure done then sent home then returned again then it happened, a massive allergic reaction to the penicillin - they couldn't spare an ambulance so a family member took me to the RHH and the consultant there was horrified. I nearly died that night, the pain was awful. When I complained a few months later the consultant shut the door on me. A few months later I had everything in place to take them to the cleaners and the NGH conveniently 'lost my notes' case ended. I've had 4 surgeries since including more on the same area as a result of that shambles however had the surgery been performed correctly then maybe the extra expense of the additional surgeries could've been avoided by the NHS however I've made it perfectly clear that I will never go into the NGH for another procedure. I also think its worrying when another medical professional says to you that they wouldn't have surgery in there either! I wish you well whatever you decide to do, stick to your guns My suggestion to you would be to get hold of the notes and copy the lot BEFORE you venture down the action route otherwise you may also fall into the 'Lost notes' section
  15. And who exactly enforces this legal requirement?
  16. I haven't been on the forum for a while however feel this needs mentioning in order to both protect another innocent motorist from the small number of idiots who ride bikes and who give the majority of good cyclists who ride bikes very well bad press. This specifically relates to the person on Commonside at Walkley on the junction of Barber Road tonight at 17.15 (Friday 2nd December). If you are reading this I gave way to a car (it was a ford focus) at the junction however I never saw you for the following reasons: You had no front light on your bike and it was dark The street lighting just there was quite poor (just at the top past PA before it drops down into the dip) I note you did however have a head camera....but no front light You are very good at hand signals which could've been avoided had you had a bright top on and a front light You were dressed entirely in one those tight lycra things however it was black in colour hence I didn't see you I only saw very briefly your backlight hence I braked suddenly to avoid you which I thought was rather commendable though your hand signals said otherwise The next time you may not be so lucky, go to a shop and buy one of those bright yellow tops (yes you can buy them in skin tight lycra for just a few Pounds) and a front light before you end up protesting your innocence having been knocked off your bike. Maybe the yellow top may clash with the black lycra thing and you may look like a wasp but its significantly better than being knocked off your bike, unless of course you do have a death wish? Also it should be mentioned had it been someone else with a different view to mine they may have stopped you further on and asked you to explain your hand signals in more detail and face to face, think about that the next time Its not rocket science, a couple of hundred metres on their were two cyclists both with visible tops on and lights front and rear. I like everyone else can see them. You however are an accident waiting to happen!
  17. The only ones I can think of are in no particular order are Italy, Holland if that new person gets voted in whose name escapes me, Sweden, Denmark, Hungary and possibly if the Far right get in France them also... Any advance on 6?
  18. Two cases for numpty of the week all in the space of 100 metres: The first was the set of traffic lights at Crookesmoor Road/Barber Road junction on Thursday about 4.10pm. I came through the lights and they changed as I came through and turned left up Crookesmoor Road, a good two seconds later two taxi's went straight though the red traffic lights, the second one narrowly missing a guy coming down the hill. The second one was a daft woman in a golf trying to text whilst driving down Crookesmoor road, she was all over the place and who nearly had a heart attack when I hit the horn Twice on Friday I saw taxi's going through red traffic lights as I was following them - unreal, spare a thought for the passengers here but then again taxi drivers seem to be immune to prosecution
  19. I have Sky TV and have to say I enjoy it compared to the nightmare I had with Virgin media's version of the same that never worked in all the time I had it. I have virgin BB and phone however I have to say this is the first I've heard of the price hikes however Mr Branson can politely stick it somewhere where the sun doesn't shine if my bill rises again this year. Sky offered me unlimited BB and a phone for significantly less than virgin do which is helpful as I don't stream stuff or play online games. Virgin informed me that unless you pay for a top end package they cannot guarantee a strong consistent signal so when my latest upgrade expires I will be leaving them. I don't like being held to ransom! But then again maybe the prices hikes are due to the fact that Richard Branson voted to remain in the EU even though he doesn't live in the UK, doesn't pay UK taxes and has all his wealth in Switzerland and maybe people are getting miffed off by that...........and leaving in droves...
  20. When I was looking around for a car I could get a Nissan Qashqai on a group 9 insurance and yet the Zetec ecoboost 1.0 was the same. The difference as well is if you go for the ecoboost the tax is nothing however you pay on the insurance, the other option is to go for a standard 1.2 model the insurance plummets however you pay a little for your tax! After taking a second look at this I'd either negotiate with them or walk away. You may find they will back down especially if they need to meet their targets. If not there are other places that offer deals especially at this time of the year as they are desperate to clear old stock!!!! this could work in your favour if you play them at their own game:)
  21. One of my elderly neighbours is completely OCD about it, she sweeps every day and if any of the local children chalk on the path - note chalk, she's out almost immediately with a bucket of water and brush!
  22. I think it was 2008 or the year before even, a great time to get a mortgage though regardless and certainly better than saving as there's no interest!
  23. Well that's really going to make a difference isn't it? Ideally anyone under 25 years old can't drive any vehicle above a 1.0L standard car would be better, so nothing souped up with fat wheels, lowered suspension and fat exhausts, just a billy basic car Zero intolerance for all on alcohol...this isn't rocket science and why is this thread 9 years old?
  24. According to your figures by paying £190 a month over 48 months this comes to £9,120 which is significantly cheaper than the one off payment, that doesn't make sense as it always costs more for finance, something doesn't add up here.... If they want a sale they can negotiate, check the 2.5 year warranty as well it may or may not be transferable, if it isn't you may need to fork out £600-£1,000 to transfer it over. Some companies do it automatically however others don't be aware of this! Ask to see the service and 'other' receipts as it could be a 'donkey' which is a car that has spent more time in the garage being repaired than it has on the road as 1,995 miles is really low and they may be trying to offload it onto someone like you.... I looked at some Fords last year however in the end opted for a different make Also check your insurance on the ecoboost model, I had looked at both the fiesta and focus ecoboost models and the insurance was about group 9. I drive a 1.2 car now and I'm group 3! You need to look into this a little more before you leap..............I've no idea how much these cars sell for or whether this is a good deal or not, so I would also see what other models of the same are costing
  25. My understanding in general of excesses depending on the company is you will have to pay the excess and your legal cover should claim it back for you from the other party however............................. Be very very careful with Hastings direct. I took out a policy with them only to cancel it with a week of taking it out with them. Clarify your policy excesses with them in writing BEFORE you take out a policy with them. They also tried to charge me £125 to cancel the policy which they then reduced down to £45 then £25 and then nothing all within the 7 days cancellation period. However as I paid by credit card and the fact none of these so called charges were stated anywhere in the policy documents I merely stated I would get my credit card company to obtain my money back. They then backed down and I got a full refund. I would never take out a policy with them again for anything. The main issue was I input my occupation and it came back in the documents as civil service. I don't work in the civil service and never have done so I tried to change it, they then wanted £75 to change it even though I entered the correct description from the drop down menu online. I then spent 2 hours talking to someone in their call centre in Nova Scotia (Canada) followed by another person in their (India) based call centre They tried to play dodgy with me and unfortunately for them they picked on the wrong person! They have cheap quotes and policies for a reason, me I'd rather pay a little more for a policy that states everything up front before you buy. That said my current excess is £100 max and my premium this year is £73 cheaper than Hastings Direct so what does that tell you? By the way you can negotiate your excess but £495 is very excessive, are you a new driver with a souped up Corsa?
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