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  1. As a pedestrian, it's really helpful - a crossing further up Crookes Rd near Crookesmoor Rd would also be useful. As a driver I've not tried accessing it coming from town since the new junction was put in, but I've accessed it from Fulwood way and it seemed fine.
  2. My friend is in the Bach choir, they do one every year: http://sheffieldbachchoir.wordpress.com/65th-season-concerts/
  3. This is a sensitive topic and emotions are going to be high but please can we refrain from bickering, insulting one another and making sweeping generalisations about racial/ethnic groups? Thanks.
  4. Several posts have been deleted for straying from the topic of this thread. General Discussions is the place to debate the situation in Gaza. For example, you might want to join in with these discussions: This thread discusses boycotting of Israeli produce: http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=1331408 This one follows on from a Jon Snow report on the situation: http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=1328331 This thread will be closed if discussion remains off-topic.
  5. Whilst this topic is always going to cause emotional responses, please can everyone refrain from insulting other posters? Thanks.
  6. Having seen today's entertainment news, I'm wondering if it might have been Ben. Nick Cotton would be a possibility given he's clearly not dead. But I think the focus on male characters may be a red herring and it could be a female character - Lauren or Whitney maybe?
  7. Bit gutted that several acts I want to see clash on Saturday. Otherwise, can't wait for the weekend
  8. If anyone can help the OP with their request, please PM them. Closing.
  9. Hi folks - whilst this is a sensitive topic and people understandably are going to have strong feelings about it, please can we refrain from bickering and personal attacks and remember that this is still a 'family friendly' forum? Thanks.
  10. Please can we cut out the bickering and personal attacks? Thanks.
  11. How weird. I was in Grimsby yesterday and it smelled of gas there too.
  12. There is an anglican church that sometimes has a stall at Pride. Possibly St Andrew's Psalter Lane? Pretty sure it was one from that area anyway.
  13. I'm a resident and recall no such vote - unless only residents on some streets got to vote?
  14. 15 mins is free and after that I think it's only 50p? Cheaper than a lot of other places in Sheffield - not saying the council aren't parking meter crazy, because they are - but Broomhill is more reasonably priced than some other areas - including town, Ecclesall Rd, parts of Hillsborough, London Road etc.
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