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  1. Well the phone is working. Its the back. I have sent off for silicone case. The phone was in an ordinary case when I dropped it. I had no idea it was made from glass. I have rung I Swipe at Fitzalan Square and they say its £35 to get new back put on, which isn't that bad! (might wait to see if back crumbles). It still had transparent sticker on from shop I bought it from. This may be keeping it together. I really think someone should have told me at shop that I needed a tougher cover. My last one was LG made from plastic. I t hink I Swipe is registered Samsung dealer. Anyway its nice to discuss this with others rather than worry about it - thanks. I should think that no shop would charge if they can't fix it. They would have a riot on their hands lol.
  2. What about taking it to a vet to see if it's chipped?
  3. Thank you. Others have reccommended the same place.
  4. Does anyone have any idea how much it costs roughly to have a new back put on a Samsung Galaxy A3? I have dropped it and it cracked. Will it stay together or crack more?
  5. Can anyone recommend a mobile phone shop for refurbished phone for my photos?
  6. Does anyone know of a reliable pet friendly taxi service that I can use to take my cat to PDSA Newhall Road tomorrow morning?
  7. As I have already said in my post - a) I have caught the neighbours next door red-handed on more than one occasion. The cat is indoors every night. When I took him into my care about 3 years ago he was underfed and small - also he was un-neutered and not chipped. b) what can I do about it? well I can make their lives a misery - just like they have mine. I forked out £28.50 to get him dematted yesterday because he is too fat. For 6 years I have crept around the house avoiding making any noise because they don't like it. Well guess what-I am not bothered anymore. As for the cat fence - if I thought it could be done for £100 I would be ecstatic.
  8. Some people only understand nastiness and unfortunately thats what you have to be. They bareface lied about it last time until I showed them the ham. Then they accused me of trespassing - as thought I am going to watch my cat stuff several slices of salty ham. They are not very pleasant types. Thanks to all for the advice.
  9. He is too fat to clean his back so I now have to take him to the vet to get de-matted. Shall I give them the bill? I caught them doing it and went in their garden and picked the slices of ham up. I was furious and told them. Not talking to them now. Had to get some satiety food for him £27 on vets advice. This is supposed to make him feel full so that he wont eat as much of the rubbish they give him. I think their behaviour is very disrespectful. I also keep both my cats in after when he comes home from work. All a big hassle because of a pair of prats.
  10. Does anyone have any ideas about how to stop neighbours from feeding my overweight cat? Have told them six times.
  11. I get dog poo being put in my bin which is on the drive. I am at Heeley. Why should anyone be ok about others dumping dog poo in their bin? If you have a dog you should take its excrement home to your own bin.
  12. Hello Does anyone know of a good removal firm in sheffield ie reasonably priced, conscientious, and well mannered? Im moving from Sharrow to Heeley. From upstairs 3 bed maisonette to 2 bed house. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.
  13. My 15 year old cat has been diagnosed with saliva producing gland tissue cancer. Do I give up or is there any chance at all? Does any one know? The vet says she has months left. Has anyone had a similar experience with their pet? I would be interested to know.
  14. Hmm - nevertheless Im pretty sure thats how I ended up with the awful new hotmail. Ive changed my login details. Is this what Assasin means when saying I should reset my security detail?
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