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  1. Does anyone know of anyone local to s5 that comes and tcuts/buffs yor car? Thanks in advance
  2. Hi can anyone recommend a mobile dog chipping service? I'm in s5, Wincobank Thanks
  3. Im wanting a window cleaner for wincobank avenue, s5 and never seen one on street. So how do i find one Thanks
  4. Do you think this would be same though. Im scared she might not like another kitten living with us
  5. I actually saw the ad but its an indoor cat and mines outdoor n i was thinking boy thought they might get on better.
  6. Hiya i have a female cat that is 2 in january. Ever since going out she's played with a tom cat down the road. They literally spent all their time together and were so cute together. And now on monday his owners have moved out and my cat is so lost without him it breaks my heart, she keeps going and looking for him. So now im thinking should i get a companion for her or will this not be the same. I have dogs though so would have to have a kitten so it got used to been around dogs. Any advice appreciated
  7. Hi, does anyone know where i can get the new england shirt personalised with the official england writing while i wait? Already asked decathlon ans they said its not official lettering. Would really appreciate any ideas Thanks
  8. Not even guna look at anymore replies suppose i thought sum grown ups might reply.. Never mind
  9. Sent me a pm? Iv only posted it tonight
  10. Annoys me how people cant just give serious answers on this site. Jus want good recomendations for a claire voyant/medium thats all
  11. Hi iv had a look through the mega thread but its quite old. Im Wantin to see a good claire voyant who people have had good accurate readings from. Thankyou :-)
  12. Can anyone reccomend a good male driving instructor who does the s5 area. Want someone laid back that wants to get me through my test as quick as possible. Been messed bout a few times eg still waiting to be picked up half an hour after time I should have been Thank you
  13. Her tummy seems to have coped fine with puttin her back onto kitten so guna stick 2 that. Thankyou for your advice both of you
  14. Ho i bought my baby kitten from chapeltown pet shop yesterday and the lady told me that shes on adult whiskas which didnt seem right to me? She said that kitten food was too rich but i thought it was the other way round so iv put her back on to kitten, do you think i was right to do this. Also just wonderin about how often to feed her iv been leavin dry down and then dividing 1-2 pouches up through out the day into small servings. Any help appreciated :-)
  15. Hi does anyone know of anyone selling a kitten or free to good home. Would prefer baby baby. Like 8 weeks. Loving home waiting
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