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  1. i have a tropical fish tank for sale with some tropical fish to go with it hopefully if anyone would like them. with the tank i have a brand new heater, filter, pebbles, trees, gravel and a silver stand for the tank. the fish i have are 2 blue neon fish, 3 male guppy fish and 1 siamese fighter fish. wheather it be the tank alone or fish alone or the whole lot please pm me. im wanting £60 for lot.
  2. Does anyone know how to change the user name on ps3. The name im currently logging in as is what my husband set it up with and seen as though we both play cod and im better at it lol my name should be on it too. Please someone help me on how to change it.
  3. Thanks but i don't like to crate them. I did consider it before i got him cause i have another dog aged one but they got on fine so didn't. Puppies will do mess its what comes wit the fun but with him going out to do it its like he knows not to do it in the house but obviously just can't help it threw the night. He'll grow out of it. I've only been having back door open cause its been warm weather its been shut today and he'd sit next to back door when he needed to go so he's not daft.
  4. I do leave a pad down for him and he does use it but once its full he just does it everywhere else lol. It hasn't discouraged him to do his business out side during the day so there alright. If you think its still early then fair enough i don't mind. Its what happens with puppies just wondered if he should still be doing it thats all.
  5. Got me self a little puppy he will be 11weeks on monday. Had him about two weeks roughly. If i leave my back door open he does his business outside threw the day he's quickly catched onto that but threw the night he'll pee and poo on his training pad and then bits everywhere else too. I can honestly say it didn't take this long to train my bitch i've got. Anyone know if his age should be able to hold his business by now or is this still alright.
  6. Suppose not but what wrong with council houses. Admittedly im not in one i've bought mine but when times are hard why not.
  7. A leech thats bang outta order when you don't know her situation so put a muzzle on. She is on the waiting list but with less than ten years. Have to see then. See what happens. Thanks to the decent people that have replied.
  8. well she has no where else to go so it all depends on them re housing her. dont you think they would. how wrong is that
  9. my best mate is wanting to leave her hubby and are all currently living in his own house (morgaged not council) and i told her that the coucil should give her a place for her and her kids to live in reasonably quickly. am i right in telling her that or have her just got her hopes up. do you think the council will give her a house quickly if she explained her situation
  10. have you watched have i met your mother?????????????? what you on about lol
  11. oh my god i love you......this is what my son wants to do and now he can thanks
  12. no dont wanna be taking loadsa kids out to eat lol, just wanna have a party and then thats it not be fighting with loadsa kids eating out and stuff. my son would want a lot of kids to come as he has loadsa mates which is why a actual party place would be better rotherham may be too far for most people to go to be honest, im in s6 and i was lucky people turnes up to pirate ship few years ago cus that was up halifax road lol
  13. my son wanted to do lazer quest for his birthday party only to find out that the actual game only last 20 mins so not much of a party so can people please give me some idea's of where he could have a party and do what etc cause i am really outta ideas
  14. oh and try walking them for longer than an hour, throwing ball for them as you walk so the dog in constantly on the go.
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