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  1. http://a1signals.co.uk did mine, think it was about £40 with a new dish
  2. Ps fill your car with fuel in Perth it gets mega expensive around Aviemore Dee
  3. I know this is an old post, however if anyone needs advise on the A9 north of Perth then I can probably help. North of Perth the camp site at Pitlochry has won many awards and is brilliant, and there is so much to do there, salmon watching to long walks. Blair Atholl also has a big camp site, in the grounds of the castle. The best one of all is at the foot of the Cairngorms, on the edge of the loch, it's open 365 so has great facilities, need a car ideally as it's a treck into Aviemore. Good point is that the osprey centre isn't that far away as there is a back road to Boat of Garten. Further north but only 10 miles is Grantown on Spey, again a well kept site and near the town. Grantown is a great place to explore Spey side from, near by is Walkers shortbread, Glenfiddich Distillery and Baxters foods. All have brilliant visitor centres and well worth seeing. If you don't want to head as far as Grantown, Dalwhinnie Distillery is also worth a visit. Sorry it's long winded but it really is worth a visit dee
  4. Again late but going to add. My mum had amazing results with a product called GMO, along with a very strict diet for six weeks, she was in terrible pain the first few days but after tha the results were amazing. Dee
  5. Can I ask were about you guys are Thxs
  6. Hi, My partner is a Kleeneze distributor. Please feel free to order from our on-line shop. www.kleeneze.at We deliver to the Sheffield, Rotherham and Barnsley area's. As an added bonus please deduct 10% from your order if it is over £20 Nothing to pay untill we deliver it to your door. Thanks Dee
  7. Unsure if this is the correct area to post however I was wondering if anyone could recommend a finanical advisor in the local area or should you just use the old fashioned way and go to a bank for advice. Also, if possibly what this actually involves and an idea around costs. Thanks in advance Dee
  8. Morning Unsure if I have placed this in the right place - sorry if not I am looking for funding raising events were I can rent a table and sell some of my products I have on offer If anyone has any details grateful if you could let me know Thanks Dee
  9. Just phone them, they'll send out a new card which once received and put into the box, phone them again, they will pairt the card to teh box and you'll be working within minutes Good luck
  10. That's exactly what I intend to do. Sell everything enjoy retirement and die penniless go the same way I came with nothing
  11. Any butcher will get you a whole lamb, or try the farm shops they will arrange for you Dee
  12. PLease just make sure the CCJ details are updated, it usually can takeup to six weeks, it's just in case a couple of years down the line you require credit and it's refused as teh CCJ wasn't actually updated. Sorry to stick my nose in but it happens quite a lot Dee
  13. Sheffield city college students are looking for clients. Very good prices Phone college for details. I go regularly Dee
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