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  1. It sounds to me like some of the breast implants have really gone tits up.
  2. Maybe the dancing wore him out.
  3. State education is not perfect . Private education is not required for talented people so cannot be better for them. It fits square pegs in round holes by catapulting lesser talented people into higher places. Talented people can receive adequate stimulus in state education and tend to self educate...so no. I like to learn, but do not like to be taught.
  4. I never use quotes. I never used the word you stated. Private education is not necessary for people who have talent but merely gives a "leg up" to untalented people who do not deserve it.
  5. 2011 was not all doom and gloom . Here is your chance to look at the highlights! ERM.......Hmmm:huh: OK. I enjoyed my Christmas Dinner.
  6. Presumably you have visited them all this evening
  7. And the rich will get richer:)
  8. Someone else told me that she attempts to get you to be abusive to her , so that she can press the report button and try and get you banned. The person told me that she uses this tactic on people who are better than her and brighter.
  9. You can leave her out of it . She and grandad are fine.
  10. Are you a troll who is attempting to persecute me in a bid to get me to be very rude to you so that you can press the report button ? Get back on topic please!
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