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  1. Hello, when is the new Asda opening behind Mossway Police Station/Drake House Retail Park?


    I have heard it was approved a while ago and that they are starting work this year, is this true?


    Also heard they are building a petrol station as well but no news on that, will it be like the one on Manner Top or the big Walmart at Handsworth?


    We could do with some action round Hackenthorpe and this would be of huge value to the area.


    Theres to be no petrol station. :o

  2. used to get frogs toads newts and sticklebacks all time as a young lad. Remember trying to catch a koi carp once that was put in due to been to big for the garden pond.



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    police catch a lot of crimbos round there. :hihi::hihi:

  3. Because if they built a 1500 seater stadium then Eagles would never be allowed into the Superleague and the Titans would never be allowed into the Premier League.


    Personally, I'd start by building a stadium with a smaller capacity but with the plans to build further stands when necessary. To do that you'd need to plan the layout of a 10000 seater stadium anyway.


    If the clubs can come up with the money to build the stadium in one go, all the better. Perhaps they might look to build offices in all 4 corners of the ground to generate income?


    Take your point, but the eagles crowds are never going to be big, pity really,

    maybe try and get yorkshire to play cricket again in the city.

  4. That's why a 10,000 seat rugby stadium fitting on 1/3 of the plot of DVS is a great idea - it is sustainable. If it's built with an artificial pitch (as is likely) it can be used throughout the day, every day of the year. DVS is an aging stadium which would never again have seated 25,000 paying spectators for a rare athletics meeting.


    Freeing up so much land by building a new rugby stadium will also allow other investment onto the site. I personally wouldn't be bothered if it was a new Sainsburys and housing so long as it paid its own way. It sounds as if the universities and other bodies with money to spend are definitely interested in the land, though.


    whys a 10.000 seat rugby stadium a great idea? when the crowds are 1,000, 1500 tops.

  5. The Star is nothing more than a glorified version of the old morning Telegraph,

    featuring the news of the day before, its a disgrace to say its the citys only local newspaper, its been going downhill for years, with less and less readers too.

    I remember you could buy a star on a saturday afternoon, with the halftime football scores in, and the racing results too.its about time they brought it back to an evening newspaper featuring items of the news that happened on the same day of publishing, Then they might see an increase in their sales.

    its printed about 4.00 in the morning and in the shops for 7.am.

    Absolute Rubbish. :rant::rant:

  6. Thanks for all your input, jokes aside. I think we will drive upto stradbroke in the daytime then at night and take a look around, same with woodhouse

    though I expect it to be more livelier at night there, we at least got till just after christmas to make up our minds, plenty of food for thought. once again

    cheers for all the input. :thumbsup:

  7. Not a gallant question to put to a lady so I will field this.In the day time the place is benign and has many elderly residents.The pubs are best described as colourful,the residents can be friendly but insular.Wheras Nether Edge is cosmopolitan Woodhouse is white working class in general.It is the jewel in the framework that is Manor,Hackenthorpe,Intake,Beighton and Woodthorpe-an estate agents dream!


    Thanks for your input, much appreciated. :)

  8. The badger estate has a bad reputation but its certain parts af the estate that has some bad apples but there are also loads of nice people that live on the estate too, other than that woodhouse is a nice place :).

    Is there any part that you are looking at ?


    not really, weve been offered a house on stradbroke, but the wifes set on woodhouse, thats why im sending feelers out about woodhouse. :)

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