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  1. 104 appearances 18 goals, not a prolific goalscorer.
  2. your'e on the cadge already I told you to take it steady to much spent on drizzle cake is that rolex you got, a fake thought den was buying you a Teddy.
  3. yes in the kitchen. next poster will be having a can or three of lager later.
  4. looks like the girls have been on the wine this afternoon.
  5. you lazy girl, just getting up. the prize is a day out in Bangor.
  6. don't look like anyones going to win, all a bit FISHY this thread Johnny.
  7. yes, but the only place i'll be going where its hot at christmas, is in the Kitchen. . Next posters got a advent Calendar.
  8. sorry to say hercules has retired a new young Filly I've hired she can carry a load right up jenkin road and never seems to get very tired.
  9. Francy, have you any old scrap to sell ive heard theres plenty in little Birdwell I'll be very nice and give a fair price Listen out for my, any old Iron Yell.
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