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  1. In perhaps the biggest surprise of the day, the new Gay Quarter Bar/Club announces it will open in 3 weeks time !
  2. It's been closed on a Wednesday too now for about 3 weeks ...
  3. Dempseys remains consistently the late night place to go. OMG unfortunately, whilst located in what you would have thought would be a beneficial location, close to the main bar area of West Street and particularly West Street Live, has failed from a mixture of arrogance in not listening to it's customers, third rate drag acts and an inability to create a welcoming environment. (Example staff huddled in coats to keep warm whilst the Customers leave because no heating !). The new Gay Quarter is a welcome addition around the end of the Moor and hopefully the businesses will compliment each other with Dempseys and attract people into Sheffield, rather than the exodus to Manchester and Leeds,
  4. Walked past after 8pm last night. Doors open and work being undertaken. Looks a long way from being able to have an April opening though.
  5. Still says west st alehouse on facia !
  6. Poseidon on Abbey Lane Woodseats has been a fav for a while but their batter is hopeless. Always stuck on the paper when you get home. Another price rise to £6:60 this week for Fish and Chips has me looking elsewhere now i'm afraid.
  7. I recommend drinking in the other bar to the one you are "singing" in maybe get your dog to sing next time..... how about Puppy Love????
  8. Completely sick of these events. All outlying roads in chaos, no signage to make effective routes to drive around the city. Sometimes car journeys are required. I'm sure the Traders in the City are frustrated by these events too. For such a (surprisingly nice day after a bad weather week), the City Centre was so quiet. Cycling, Marathons etc ... sure there could be better routes with less disruption.:loopy:
  9. Drag Performers can be entertaining - there are some regular performers now at OMG on a Sunday that are excellent - able to be intentionally funny, sing in tune and attract an audience
  10. Oh dear !!! Hope its not going to vanish like Icons et-al. Lovely friendly staff and good events like the recently commenced Sunday Cabaret with Professional Drag Acts:clap:
  11. I'm sure the 2 people who did turn up might wonder where the other 17 where
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