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  1. My arial is pointed towards Belmont, but since the digital switchover I have been receiving some channels from Belmont and some from Sheffield. All the HD channels were on the Sheffield transmitter, but I've tried retuning the TV and it won't pick up the HD channels on Belmont. I am now unable to pick up any HD channels at all, as the 5 remaining ones are just pixilating all the time or just cutting out all together, so I don't know if they turned the power down at the same time as they took the other channels off. I am wondering if it is worth getting a new arial to see if it will pick up the HD channels from Belmont as my existing arial is probably over 30 years old and not designed for digital? Either way it is very poor that many people in a major city like Sheffield are now without digital channels, surely they could have organised this switchover so it wouldn't have affected so many people.
  2. Hi Jemson, Just had a few pints in there today, as it wasn't open early doors yesterday. Very good selection of real ales, average price £2.75. If you're a lager person a good selection of continental largers - Becks Vier being reasonable at £3 per pint. Being a Unitedite I avoided the HPA (Hillsborough Pale Ale) though. Joking aside, they have done it up really nice, with a bit of a railway theme to it. Old suitcases on old train luggage holders on the walls, lots of cubby holes where you can have a drink and chat with friends without have to shout over the noise of everyone else. One or two things I don't think they've got round to finishing off yet, i.e. the toilets, but overall a vast improvement on the old place and no more sticky tables. You'd know what I mean if you had been a recent regular. It looks like they ended up completely putting new tiles on the outside wall, which also look as if they need finishing off a bit. I think it will do pretty well, it looks inside like a proper old boozer again. As for food, the is a menu on the wall outside with sandwiches priced at around a fiver - chips another quid extra - and obviously other items, but I didn't read it all. I don't know if they've got their act together on the food yet though as I didn't see anyone eating. Really good atmosphere in there, and a fair few punters in for early Saturday. Well worth a visit.
  3. * jemson - re tiles, I was driving past last week and it looked like they were sandblasting the paint off the wall revealing the original tiles underneath. I should imagine they would have had to replace a few as well. Also, they took down the old wooden sign on the wall between the two bay windows at the top, revealing the original stone sign - "Broadfield Hotel, Tennants Ales".
  4. Thanks for that. We'll be popping in later on today, so looking forward to it.
  5. Has anyone been in the Broadfield since it re-opened yesterday? What's it like?
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