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  1. Hi Jemson, Just had a few pints in there today, as it wasn't open early doors yesterday. Very good selection of real ales, average price £2.75. If you're a lager person a good selection of continental largers - Becks Vier being reasonable at £3 per pint. Being a Unitedite I avoided the HPA (Hillsborough Pale Ale) though. Joking aside, they have done it up really nice, with a bit of a railway theme to it. Old suitcases on old train luggage holders on the walls, lots of cubby holes where you can have a drink and chat with friends without have to shout over the noise of everyone else. One or two things I don't think they've got round to finishing off yet, i.e. the toilets, but overall a vast improvement on the old place and no more sticky tables. You'd know what I mean if you had been a recent regular. It looks like they ended up completely putting new tiles on the outside wall, which also look as if they need finishing off a bit. I think it will do pretty well, it looks inside like a proper old boozer again. As for food, the is a menu on the wall outside with sandwiches priced at around a fiver - chips another quid extra - and obviously other items, but I didn't read it all. I don't know if they've got their act together on the food yet though as I didn't see anyone eating. Really good atmosphere in there, and a fair few punters in for early Saturday. Well worth a visit.
  2. * jemson - re tiles, I was driving past last week and it looked like they were sandblasting the paint off the wall revealing the original tiles underneath. I should imagine they would have had to replace a few as well. Also, they took down the old wooden sign on the wall between the two bay windows at the top, revealing the original stone sign - "Broadfield Hotel, Tennants Ales".
  3. Thanks for that. We'll be popping in later on today, so looking forward to it.
  4. Has anyone been in the Broadfield since it re-opened yesterday? What's it like?
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