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  1. And another rare visitor brought back to say that I remember Redrobbo from some of the early forum meets. We had some interesting conversations. Very sad news
  2. If a small town like Rochester in Kent can manage it ... http://www.rochesterairport.co.uk/latest/news/the-future.pdf Compare and contrast!
  3. I didn't, I'm afraid - I haven't visited SF for quite a while - just came on to say Happy Birthday! Biz is fine, thanks - just 250 miles away! ---------- Post added 12-12-2012 at 19:13 ---------- Never mind him, where is TO20 (Do I remember that username correctly?)
  4. Just popped by to say Happy Birthday SF!
  5. I only came on here to wish Sheffield Forum Happy Birthday, but I have to pass comment here. I did post extensively on the other Sheffield Airport thread several years ago but, to recap: Sheffield Airport regularly had business jets visiting - Learjets, Citations, etc Sheffield Airport had several aviation related businesses operating from there (helicopters, flying schools, etc) I know, I worked for one of them It always struck me as being a strong selling point for the Business Park to have an airport and a motorway next door. Not many business parks can say that. Indeed, several of the original tenants of the business park were there precisely because of the airport Th reasons for Sheffield's closure are well rehearsed (the joint ownership of Doncaster, the inheritance of prime land for £1 if Sheffield could be shown not to be viable). It could have been (and was) a thriving business / GA Airport. I lost my job with a helicopter flying school and charter operator which was based at Sheffield City Airport. That company no longer trades - the airport it used to operate from no longer exists. I now work for a major helicopter charter operator and flying school based at a thriving airfield on the South Coast in a city which is 10% the size of Sheffield. The airfield thrives - but there is no holiday traffic! I get enquiries to fly people to the Sheffield area by helicopter, but that is difficult. There is no air/ground radio, no fire & rescue facilities, no fuel. If we are flying in the area, we have to go to Gamston, Nottingham or Leeds for fuel. If our client asks to be flown to Sheffield it is not sensible to offer to fly to Doncaster instead - a 45 minute drive each way on either end of a flight which will take little more than an hour from London does not make any sense. If Sheffield City Airport re-opened, even as a heliport only (with radio, fire & fuel facilities), I am sure I would be sending helicopters there before too long. And I am sure that it would benefit Sheffield and South Yorkshire to have a proper Heliport facility. At the moment there is no such facility between Nottingham and Leeds - a large gap on the aviation map!
  6. Although he did do a Saturday morning show on Sheffield long after he left Hallam. Very sad news about Winton Cooper. If I remember rightly, he left Sheffield quite suddenly. He was always an interesting broadcaster - I enjoyed his shows. I particularly remember him playing an interview with Brian Clough twice, back to back, because it was vintage Clough!! RIP
  7. Ey up sniffy - sorry I missed you poppiup on FB chat earlier. I didn't know you knew the pilot who I thought had gone to Romania Hi PT - nice to see you on FB too :-) And Bonny I look forward to my FB poke! I am sure I know who you are!
  8. I've a fair idea, but give me another clue just to make sure!
  9. Hello Sheffield Forum! A Forummer sent me a message saying I had been mentioned in a thread about original forummers. So I thought I ought to say hello, thanks for the mention and it is nice to be remembered after all this time! I left Sheffield in April 2006 after 26 years in Sheffield (see, I am older than I look!) after the demise of Sheffield City Airport. I can't believe that I have been away for nearly five years now. I am now living on the South Coast (5 minutes walk from the sea!), and work at Goodwood Aerodrome near Chichester. Hello to anyone that remembers me!
  10. After 26 years in Sheffield I now live in Chichester (Selsey if you want to be very precise!)
  11. A useful page from the BBC website may be helpful: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/8421373.stm
  12. Maybe something to do with this? http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sci/tech/8410702.stm
  13. I'll be there running the helicopter pleasure flights! See you there
  14. Correct me if I'm wrong (and I'm sure you will), but isn't this the same Shahid Malik who was on the Management Committee of the Pakistan Muslim Centre in Darnall when they got themselves in all kinds of "financial difficulties" in the 90s?
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