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  1. You didn't live on Seagrave Avenue did you? Was your mother called Pat?
  2. A great map of the area published 1906 http://maps.nls.uk/geo/explore/#zoom=16&lat=53.3807&lon=-1.4643&layers=6&b=1
  3. Wore one in the sixties. I can't remember why, can't remember what happened to it either.
  4. Has anyone read Pauline Shearstones (sorry surname may be incorrect) history of Gleadless? A superb history of Gleadless but very difficult to find these days. She used to live on Seagrave Crescent if I remember rightly.
  5. This is a longshot, I think I knew him around the late seventies. We used to go for a beer in the Wapentake and he used to read the Guardian newspaper. Great sense of humour, all I can vaguely remember is he had a beard. Sorry I can't be more specific.
  6. Anyone remember the Rockcliffes? Chris, Yvonne and the twins. Sorry twins, can't remember your names!
  7. I have been turning out the attic and come across a few etchings I bought many years ago. They are by Willie Rawson, a Sheffield artist. Despite many searches I am struggling to come up with much information on him. It seems he exhibited between 1913-14 but how old was he? Year of birth and death, where did he hail from? So many questions! Would be grateful for any assistance. Thanks for reading.
  8. In the early 1980's Rare and Racy opened a second shop on South Road in Walkley, though I can't for the life of me remember how long for. There was the logo of the Rare and Racy trademark they used to stamp on the inner sleeve of the LP's. I still have mine somewhere. I sold them all my Beatles LP's too! Ouch!
  9. The was a pub nicknamed The Monkey at Neepsend too.
  10. Seagrave Avenue, 1958 until, ooh, gosh, about 1982. Seagrave Crescent, I remember Martin Todd, the Rockliffes, etc etc
  11. Definately remember Miss Varney. She used to walk around the playground at lunchtime singing to herself. I don't know why that has stuck so strongly in my mind but it has. Mr Ellerby - didn't he get married to Miss Crofts? Oh and Mr Thraves, looked like Ralph Coates of Tottenham Hotspurs with his comb-over. Mr Iosson, top man, so quiet in a way, flew for the RAF in WW2 and still going I think. Good school.
  12. Was that Gleadless County school as it was called then?
  13. Didn't one of the sons have...I can't remember the condition, but his blood wouldn't clot so he couldn't even bruise himself and couldn't play any sports. There was Ian Baston who loved his cricket, Andrew Stephenson whom we called Foghorn and Sprout whose name I forget but he broke his leg on the grassed area between Lister Avenue and Base Green shops. I'll try and remember more but it was a long time ago now!
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